9 steps for a rockin’ keyword research



With over 40,000 search queries every second on Google, marketers have an important job to make sure their clients are getting their spot in the results. With the correct strategy, brands can identify and optimize the specific keywords that they want to target worldwide or locally.

Here is the written version. Also, find it below in a cool infographic, good to be shared or studied 🙂

The basics

1 . Go to your website’s Google Search Console account and download the available Queries.

2. If you’ve ever had Google AdWords campaigns, you can add the relevant keywords you’ve targeted in the past in you research.


3. How do your main competitors get visibility on Google? Find out what are the keywords they rank for organically and which ones they pay for.

4. Do you have a relevant keywords list from other sources? Make sure you add it to your research.


5. Add the keywords you’ve found in the steps above into a keyword research tools such as Keywordtool.io, UberSuggest and Google Keyword Planner. These tools will help you identify new relevant keywords for your business.

6. Identify the patterns in your list (product types, services, etc) and create separate columns for each one. Every keyword should be attributed to at least one of these columns.

Wrap it up

7. Add all your keywords into SERPROBOT or SEMrush and extract the current organic positions for your website for each of these keywords. After that you can easily add them into your main keyword research spreadsheet.

8. We recommend to attribute a relevance grade for each keyword in order to organize them according to their impact in your business. This will help you simplify the process of analysis.

9. Gather the insights, analyze and create optimization recommendations.  

Infographic "9 steps for a rockin keyword research"


So, gather up your interest and energy, there are a lot of interesting queries and keywords waiting to be analysed and used in top of the line campaigns.

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