A Story on a Black Board

Star date: 2013.312 – artists’ log

“When the right moment came and all the planets were aligned for the great and long expected Event, the wheels started turning.

The Brain generated many ideas and created several spaceships. Their crews made the first preparations. As soon as they could fly, they all started their journey toward the Z-Planet, engaging in the race for fame.

Each spaceship was carefully designed, assembled and programmed – from shield to main bridge and board computer. They all raced to the finish line, to present their performance and their long term flying plan and to impress the jury.

I’m happy to say that all spaceships reached the destination, and the jury awarded many of them.”


Here is the colorful surprise that was made for our colleagues on the Zi-hack event – check out the time-lapse (sound on, please):

Inspiration is all around us, flowing in the outer space…

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