Adina Nichitean: from Intern, to Head of Magento

Adina joined Zitec in 2011, when she found out about the Drupal internship, from a newsletter. After talking to our HR department, she passed the technical test and joined our Drupal team, as a Junior Software Developer (intern).

Recently, Adina has accepted the challenge to be the mentor of a team and she became Head of Magento, starting January 2015.

How was the 3 months internship?

– The internship was very interesting, but it seemed so short. I was attending university at the time. I was very excited about the knowledge I learned during the internship and I also appreciated the focus being set on our development as a team.

On what projects did you work at that time and which were the most interesting things you’ve learned?

– The beginning of the program was focused on good practices in programming and studying the Drupal framework. Then, I joined the Paravion development team, where I worked under the guidance of a Senior Developer. This experience helped me better understand the project and its complexity, do an analysis on the functionalities I implement and become more familiar with the work flow.

How long did it take you to become Senior Developer?

– Almost 3 years.

Any graduate wants to have a rapid rise in his/her career, still, this doesn’t happen as fast as they would like. It takes experience to become a Senior and be able to coordinate a team in complex projects. How did you make it possible in only 3 years?

– I didn’t set up a target to become Regular/Senior Developer in a given number of years. I started by working on medium complexity projects, that allowed me to learn a lot. Then, at one point, I felt prepared so I asked for a project to coordinate. Everything happened naturally, because I was eager to learn, so the company and my colleagues encouraged me to develop my skills.


Tell me three qualities you value the most in someone you work with.

– I like open minded people, with initiative and who enjoy learning for the sake of progress.

What is it like to be Head of Magento at Zitec? What are the new challenges of this job and what do you enjoy the most while being in this position?

– This is a new experience for me. What I appreciate the most is that my colleagues are getting involved in our projects; we share all the information and knowledge with each other and that’s helpful for the development of our department. I think we work very well together and that’s important for us as a team and for our clients as well.

There are few women who succeed in a management position, in a technical field. Which are the strengths that helped you through?

– I concentrate on details and quality. I like things well-done because when you are focused and you’re involved in what you do, results meet the expectations. Also, I’ve learned how to manage my time efficiently and to prioritize, so I can get my tasks done and and deliver on time.

How would you describe in a few words, your professional trail at Zitec?

– Continuous development, fun, knowledge, team, challenges, success.

Tell me about the greatest experiences you had, in these 4 years.

– First of all -the internship, because everything started from that moment. Then – the first Magento project I worked on; it was quite a challenge for me. I also have very nice memories from every Zihack event, as it gave me the opportunity to work on cool projects with different teams from whom I learned new things.

What would you advise new internship colleagues to do when starting a career in IT?

– Well, I would tell them that passion is the key, when talking about main motivations in your work; also stay oriented towards self improvement, be constantly eager to learn new technologies and accept the challenges that come his/her way.

What do you do in your free time?

– I love reading, especially fiction. And I make handmade jewelry.

Do you see yourself doing something else, at some point?

– Not quite. I like very much what I do and I generally don’t make plans for long periods of time. But who knows?

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