Best of ZiHack v5.0

So another edition of ZiHack is now over and after 24 hours of coding, an awards ceremony and a live concert, we’re now happy to say it was an awesome event and we want to thank all the 16 teams, the organizing team, the jury, ZiBand and all our partners for making this event better each year – Starbucks, Caru’ cu bere, Gyros Mall Vitan, Pizza Fabio, Redbull,,, Moritz Eis and last but definitely not the least, Ground Zero beers.

And the awards go to….

Well, when you have 16 teams, it’s not an easy job to decide which could have the biggest business impact, which one has a viral potential and which is the most complex or is unique for its fun factor.

After a long debating session, here’s what the jury and the public decided:

The Award for the Prince of Bel Air goes to “Project Donkey” and their cute animated assistant, but also for the most self aware presentation in the history of ZiHack!

The Award for Best Team Spirit goes to “ZDrona” team, who managed to fly a drone using a Kinnect kit, after long hours of trial and errors and a few unexpected bumps.

Drone project @ZiHack

The Award for Best Utility goes to our sysadmin team RootCheetahs for a server monitoring system that will save us a lot of trouble from now on. Remember team: don’t press 8!

The Award for the Most Complex project goes to “Sentimentalii” team for their sentiment analysis tool that will help some of our clients sort their customer reviews into bad or good buckets automatically. The app is based on PHP and MySQL and also uses node JS and machine learning. Good job, team!

The Palantir Award goes to “Arhitectii” team for developing an app that tells you how the real estate market will evolve, based on the market history for a certain area. So if you’re looking for a new place to rent, you’d better talk to these guys first 🙂

And finally, this year, the Best of ZiHack Award goes to the “Make it Hardware” team. Not only they managed to develop and implement not one, but two completely functional devices in 24 hours, but they also won the public and the jury with their presentation, their team spirit and their determination to make it so!


The two apps that brought them the big award are:
Sit Right, a sensor system that you place on your chair in order to get notified whenever you have a bad sitting posture
Pet EnterT(r)ainer, a laser pointer and a web camera kit that you can install in your home so you, your family or your friends can play with your cat from a distance just by moving the… well, mouse. If you don’t have a cat, you can always have fun at the office, with your colleagues, of course – take a look below:

Check out below the other teams and their apps and Zitec Facebook page for more pics and videos from the ZiHack v5.0!
ZiBand – not only they rocked the scene (well, the office, that is) with their new soon-to-be-a-rock-hit “Geta de la Facturare” (a cover after the famous “Basu’ si cu toba mare”, from Vita de vie), but they also launched, a one-page application using JavaScript that doesn’t use any serverside language.

The cereal killers started a project that looks like it will turn into something pretty interesting for a lot of companies: their Java – Spring based app is calculating a top of your Facebook ambassadors based on their interaction with your brand. The next versions should include other social platforms and we can’t wait to see this live!

The MotherHackers team came up with a good way to manage hackathons events from now on. So, hopefully, with a few short bug sessions, we’ll be saying goodbye to google docs for next year’s ZiHack. What say you, team?

Having a big team with various skills is sometimes hard to keep up so the Unbreakable team started an app that will help us browse and analyze easily our team skills from now on.

Rocket team is coming up with a SEO audit tool that will help marketers deliver automated but customized SEO audits for our clients.

SIC team is on their way to enhance our 360 annual evaluation system with a smart, easy to use and (from what we can tell until now) very precise tool that analyses the last two weeks for each member of our team and asks feedback only for those colleagues that you interacted with. Less emails, more feedback? Sounds cool!

Open source project? Yes, we have it – it’s a self-hosted, fake SMTP server by Grumpy Cats team that will help testers all over the Globe forget about the horror of always creating new e-mail adresses for testing purposes.

While we love all our customers, we surely appreciate the ones that pay their bills in due time. Money Makers is a add-on that automatically reminds your partners they have pending bills in a friendly and hopefully motivating way.

Ultima Suta was also a big surprise to us, with a passwords management app built with Drupal 8. Not even they believed it will work 🙂

And last, but not least, please put your hands together for the Multi-Threaded team who spent about 8 hours building this art deco object using … more than 2km of threads and 700 nails. Yup, you read that right, give the girls a hammer and they’ll work wonders!


All in all, we learnt some new technologies, we learnt how to better work as teams, we got new ideas for new apps and, most important, we had lots of fun while doing it! These being said, we can’t wait for ZiHack v6.0!

Check our Facebook page for more pics!

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