Zitec branding module for Magento

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform built using the Zend framework. Over the past four years, Magento has been the leading e-commerce platform among alexa.com top one million sites.

Here at Zitec, we started our Magento journey one year ago and since then we focused on launching new online stores, such as rechizitelemele.ro, and performing performance, scalability and security audits for altex.ro, Yellow Store or ID Tag.

The time to bring our contribution to the Magento community has come and we are excited to introduce our first Magento module, Site Branding.

You may wonder what benefits setting a personalized branding would bring to an online store. This approach represents an easy way to:

  • promote your offers
  • attract new clients
  • increase the conversion rate by giving your customers a chance to a unique experience on your store.

To be more precise, the Branding module enables the possibility to set a custom background branding image to be visible on one or all of the defined stores.

Also, a link can be set on the background image in order to promote a specific offer or specify the period of time when the branding is active.

If you are wondering how it looks, below is a sample of the branding module in action:

Branding example

If we made you curious , the module is listed in Magento’s Extensions Marketplace, Magento Connect, and it can be downloaded from here.

by Adina Nichitean

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