Drupal Internship v2.0 @Zitec is waiting for applicants

A new challenge

Due to the success of our first internship organized this year at Zitec, we decided to challenge you again to learn PHP Drupal web technology and ultimately to become part of our enthusiastic team.

Our Drupal development team has increased by two members in 2011 and we plan to expand it next year with another three. Therefore, we’re looking for young people passionate about web development and interested to develop a successful career in this field.

Join our second Drupal Internship

Because we want to offer you the opportunity to learn as much as you can about PHP Drupal, we extended the internship program at 6 months and flexible 6h per day.

If we’re impressed about your project portfolio, we’ll certainly invite you to pass our PHP knowledge test and to meet you in a discussion. To be accepted, you must prove us that you have basic knowledge of PHP programming and enough motivation to join our team.

As a new member of our team, you have to get used with our internal flow and start to discover the Drupal framework and its mysteries, which are many and very well hidden.

After the 6 months of the stage, if you prove us that you like programming in Drupal and you might be a valuable member of our team, we can offer you the opportunity to continue your professional career path at Zitec.

The first internship was a success

To become totally convinced about this opportunity, we invite you to read the opinions of the two interns which became this year new members of our Drupal Development team.

I applied for the Zitec Drupal Internship because I was looking for a challenge in order to prove myself that I’m able to develop my skills and perform in web programming. I was extremely happy when I found out that I was accepted, but at the same time I knew I had the responsibility to prove that I deserve to be part of the Zitec team. When the internship started, I found at Zitec the relaxed environment I expected and a very supportive team.  Finding out what the team work means, learning from mistakes, being organized, respecting the deadlines and learning from the other’s experience are the most important lessons. I recommend you to take the Internship program like an opportunity and have fun working! Alexandru Enciu – Software Developer

In my opinion, as a student, the Zitec Drupal Internship was an experience that it shouldn’t be missed. It was perfect for my interests, my programming passion and my curiosity for seeing how things work in a real team. It is hard to say what I enjoyed the most. I really liked the fact that I learned so many things in such a short period of time and that I was able to do what I liked the most – programming. I was very happy because I joined the Zitec team and to be part of new interesting projects.”  Adina Nichitean – Software Developer

Send us your resume!

What do you think? If you enjoy this idea, send us your resume at hr@zitec.com and share us your opinion.

by Florentina Greger

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Gabriela POPESCU

I’m new in this group that post Your announce, so I don’t know the status of it. It’s still available? May I send my resume/CV to you by e-mail that you posted? And if it is still available, I would like which is the price for this internship, or if it is a paid one, and also I would like to know in what city will take place?

Florentina Greger

Hello Gabriela,

This announce is still available, we’re waiting for your application at hr@Zitec.com. Our internship is a paid one and will take place in Bucharest.

You can find more details about this internship here: https://www.zitec.com/zitec-teaches-you-drupal.html

All the best!

Gabriela POPESCU

Thank you for your answer. I sent my CV to the indicated e-mail address.