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For those of you who don’t know it yet, HotelPeeps is a concept (check out the HotelPeeps site and the Facebook application) dedicated to those who love to travel. And when I say travel, I mean big-savings-travel-style! HotelPeeps has two main features – Price Trends and Special Hotel Deals – that will help you find the best hotel deals for some of the most popular cities in the world, with up to 70% discounts!

Now that we all know what HotelPeeps can do for you, here’s how you can get even a bigger discount for the upcoming season: Win the Best Special Deal plus 10% OFF!

Get in the HotelPeeps competition and win your next travel discount

The new HotelPeeps competition is really simple and you can win an up to 80% discount at a hotel that you get to choose. Just go on, choose your favourite city from the list of popular destinations, find one Special Deal for a hotel that you really like and paste its link in the contest page here.

At the end of each week, one of you will be randomly selected to get a 10% discount for any Special Hotel Deal he or she likes – imagine how would it be to book at a 3* hotel in Paris for let’s say 20€ , or in Berlin for 9€ or even in Lisbon, for 18€ – you name it!

But enough with the talking, let’s see some action: choose your Special Deal and get into the competition!

May the force of save-big-next-time-you-travel be with you!

Enter the HotelPeeps contest

by Costinela Nistor

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