Golden fish, grant me a wish!

How to make a Rubik’s Cube mosaic, from a QA/tester point of view

Sitting in the nice massage chair that we have in our fun-room, I kept staring at the Rubik cubes pinned to the wall … blue, green, yellow, orange… I can see a golden fish in there… and with the “zon” reward clinking in my ears, I pictured it.

A few days later I draw a sketch, then more sketches…

schita peste

and then little by little I achieved this one:

final color sketch



Well, let’s estimate, 9 x 9 = 81 cubes…

Some of the cubes are already arranged (I saw some blue facets), some will just need minor adjustments and some of them will be really tricky to compose, but I will take the spare time from the easier ones 😉

With an average of 1 minute per cube…  let’s round it to 1h30.


I started from left-bottom corner, ignoring the details (the plants) – just adding some blue water. Wow, first 4-5 cubes were placed super-fast, as I found plenty of blue sides already arranged.
I was optimistic, I’ll finish this in short time.

And then…

15 cubes later, I could not see the picture coming together so I thought … it’s time to merge branches into trunk 😉 I took the cubes down from the wall and I put them together on a horizontal plan. Yes, now it looks like I’m going in the right direction.

What I did not estimate were the interruptions (pleasant, though) of some colleagues and the risk of misplacing one cube (yes, that was a bug), that I discovered in a later stage – estimation exceeded… 🙁

Here is the final picture that really made my day – big smile on my face and 20 zons in my pocket.

Rubik fish

Steps to follow for… Rubik’s cubes mosaic:

  1. Getting an idea
  2. Sketches, more sketches…  final version
  3. Planning
  4. Implementation
  5. Enjoy the result and claim your reward in zons 😉


The golden fish image was replaced just in time for Halloween:

pumpkin image

 pumpkin on the wall

pumpkin on the wall


How do you feel about a Rubik’s challenge?

If you try it, please send photos and let me know how much time you spent and how much fun you had.

And please give me some ideas for the next image to create  🙂


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