Testing the boundaries: The story of a voluntary pen-test exercise

Organizations are adopting digital transformation at an unprecedented speed. What could have been considered pioneering actions a few years ago have now become mandatory steps towards securing a foreseeable future for companies worldwide. But in the rush of shifting from traditional processes to new ways of working, the issue of security becomes more important than … Continued

Zitec Gets Started on Clutch & Receives 5-Star Client Reviews

Since 2003, Zitec has been helping businesses transform and scale through state-of-the-art custom software and mobile solutions. Located in Bucharest, Romania, our team has a track record of over 650 satisfied and successful clients from all over the world. For us, the best interests of our clients always come first. Our simple yet effective approach … Continued

How we handle QA at Zitec

As humans, we are prone to making mistakes, but there are times when even a slight error can prove to be very costly. There may be flaws in the software product caused by human error, but when they are left unfound during the development process, they can compromise software quality, resulting in expensive consequences. At … Continued

What is UX Design and why do I need it?

A not-so-uncommon story Imagine being interested in a brand. You visit their website feeling curious and excited, hoping to learn more, perhaps even considering a purchase. But after navigating through the confusing layout and clicking the same button for ten minutes with no visible results, you end up with a burning desire to dump the … Continued

Cloud: the shortest path to modernizing your legacy applications

Organizations preparing to digitally transform their business must determine how to modernize existing applications and infrastructure to achieve their targeted business goals.  There are many paths towards modernization: your organization could replatform the applications to the cloud and integrate with advanced, high-value services subsequently, or you could start from scratch by building new applications specifically … Continued