Internship – an opportunity for your career

If you’re student or fresh graduated and you have not started yet your career, you have to take into consideration the possibility of an internship program before a job.

Why choose to apply for an internship?

An internship is a valuable experience because it offers you a real image of how things work in the organizational environment and how a job looks like. The main reasons for choosing it:

  • offer you the opportunity to interact with professionals in your field;
  • assimilate specific knowledge and apply it in a practical approach;
  • you learn  to work in a team;
  • test possible interest within an industry and gain professional experience;
  • working  in a structured and organized environment where you may develop your skills;
  • learning by doing and benefit of professional support;
  • have the opportunity to join the team at the final of the internship program;

Why an employer organizes an internship?

Organizing an internship program represent an important aspect of the HR policies and requires a consistent effort from the company in terms of resources.

The companies might have different reasons to adopt this approach:

  • filling in the open positions very specialized in order to overcome the job market gap;
  • respond to specific recruitment needs due to business expansion;
  • promoting the employer branding by presenting like a social responsible company;
  • diversify the recruitment approaches in order to respond better to specific jobs needs;
  • testing and evaluating the potential future employees on the job;
  • increase the team productivity by costs-effectiveness;
  • useful experience for the company’s permanent employees.

The internship programs can be full-time or part-time collaboration. The company must choose the option that fits with its needs, taking into consideration that a full-time program require a full allocation of the internship coordinator.

From the most trainees perspective, a part-time schedule is preferred because it offers more flexibility and the possibility to continue the studies in the same time.  Of course, it depends very much when the internship is organized, during the holidays or not.

A very important aspect is also the internship remuneration. In general, the students appreciate very much if the internship is paid but in the same time, from the employer perspective this must be the least important aspect.

The real goal of an internship program is to offer to the students the opportunity of professional development not a financial reward.

In the same time, an internship which offers the possibility of a future employment is more attractive for the students, and the candidates which are applying for it might be more valuable and motivated.

by Florentina Greger

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