Zitec Magento Team met Magento Community

On the 28th of February, part of our Magento team (Irina, George, Claudiu and I) participated in ‘Meet Magento Workshop’, organized by Mind Magnet, at Caro Hotel in Bucharest.  For about 8 hours, we talked and learned about design patterns and anti-patterns in Magento, code Quality and how to write an extension, layouts & skins, how to write a custom shipping method and the use of EAV and Flat entities.

Magento architecture and interactive session

The workshop was structured in 2 parts:

  • Presentations, mainly focused on design patterns, coding standards and best practices for developing in-house projects. Here, Marius Strajeru – the speaker – highlighted the special case of developing community extensions where code quality is very important. We learned that it’s better to keep all modules as independent as possible, to have in mind the Magento architecture and design patterns when developing new features and to use observer pattern in order to extend core behavior.
  • Magento 2 – a few words about it. It was quite an interactive session, with many of us involved in discussions about how Magento 2 will allow developers to better handle extensions, how the conflict between modules will be decreased with the new version and frontend development will become much easier.

We had the chance to debate our own topics, such as running Magento on HHVM or how others make use of Nginx cache feature.

If we had to choose a single term for the event, I think it would be ‘quality networking’. It was interesting meeting professionals and see their perspective, gaining valuable know how from presentations and Q&A sessions. We liked the way Marius handled the interaction with the audience. He managed to have our attention almost the whole time, not only by the presented topics but especially on the Q&A after each session.

Our Magento team enjoyed this experience very much and we’ll attend the following Meet Magento events without any doubt.

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