Meet Magento Romania 2017 – day 1

Part of our Magento team (Lucian, Roxana, Vlad and I) are in Cluj-Napoca these days, attending the ‘Meet Magento Romania’ conference. Yesterday we had the chance to catch up with the Magento latest news and best practices of Magento and also meet other members of the community.

Keep scrolling to see some of yesterday’s presentations insights from the development track:

Marius Strajeru, “Because it’s in the core”
Before trying to implement something the same way it’s implemented in Magento core, think again, pay attention and check before doing so. You shouldn’t copy-paste code just because it’s in the core.

Max Yekaterynenko, “Magento 2 Open Source: What and How?”
Magento 2 is open-source, so it’s recommended that when you find a fix, do a pull-request and share the fix with everyone. Or at least validate the issues you find, to raise awareness and acknowledge. So don’t forget to contribute!

Tom Robertshaw, “Improving engagement and conversions with Progressive Web Apps”
Progressive Web Apps or how to make your Magento online store be available even when the customer is offline. For that, you need to install the service workers extension and a manifest and that’s all. Almost..

Riccardo Tempesta, “The right tools for the right job”
Did you ever hear of MSP Magento dev tool or git bisect? You should give them a try because it can be really useful in debugging Magento.

Rebecca Brocton, “Do not attend this talk, the speaker is a complete fraud”
Motivation for future speakers and not only those: how not to be afraid of doing something important and out of your comfort zone and how not to focus anymore on only your failures.

Valeriy Nayda, “CQRS and Event Sourcing in Magento 2”
Finally here, both Magento 2 Open Source and Commerce will have the multi-source inventory available. More information on GitHub:

We’re looking forward to today’s talks and we’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned!

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