Meet Magento Romania 2017 – day 2

This year’s Meet Magento Romania got to an end, and we’re excited to give you an overview of how interesting we found this event where we learned about Magento 2.


In the developers’ panel the main focus was on optimization and future Magento plans:
Bartek Igielski, “Magento 2 front-end performance tips & tricks”
Tips and tricks about how you can improve the page load time by optimizing front-end elements such as using prefetch instead of preload for CSS and JS or image optimization.

“Magento 2 server optimization”
One step that can be taken into optimizing a server is by using Varnish so the CPU is used more efficiently and according to benchmarks, 90% of the traffic can be served mainly by it.
Another decision that should be made is whether the static files should be served from a CDN or a VM with NGINX based on traffic analysis.

Max Yekaterynenko, Marius Strajeru, Ben Marks, Sherrie Rohde, “Ask us anything”
It was a pleasure to have Max, Marius, Ben and Sherrie answering all our questions and sharing such valuable information about the future of Magento.
Magento will continue to acquire useful extensions that will boost the platform even further and help the merchants and developers as well.

A new cool and interesting feature that will soon arrive is the multi-source inventory. This highly requested option was long awaited and we are looking forward to using it.

A thought that was on everyone’s minds was the soon approaching GDPR (don’t forget that May 2018 is almost here). Magento is in the process of analyzing the matter with their top lawyers and in the next couple of months we’ll hear soon from them on this subject.

What’s next? The Magento 2 developers certification. Unfortunately, we’re not going to have that this year. But until then, there’s still time to start “checking out” Magento 2. What we do know is that there is no plan to discontinue the Magento 1 certifications.

Also, last, but not least: we’re very happy to be a part of the great Magento community, you guys are the best! See you at the next Magento events!

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