Meeting future developers from Brasov

We love to interact with passionate students. The most rewarding part is sharing our experience with them and see their interest in discovering how things work in an IT company.

This time, we said “yes” to the challenge launched by the volunteers of BEST NGO, who invited us to be part of their event, “Best Information Technology”. Thus, we had the opportunity to meet 30 students from “Transilvania University of Brasov” and spend valuable time with them.

We were represented by one of our colleagues, Alexandru Bau, who shared useful insights about his career path and how he managed to become a Senior Software Engineer at 26 years old.

This is what he feels about the event: “I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others. I had the opportunity to meet some of the soon-to-be developers from Brasov and talk about the process of project development. I was fascinated by their curiosity and impressed about how much they knew already. Showcasing so many technologies and concepts in just an hour? Now that’s a challenge!”

It was an interactive presentation and the participants asked questions to complete their academic knowledge. The presentation was based on the most important steps that should be followed in the process of project development, such as: establish the team and the technologies that are going to be used, initial set-up of the project, development, release and post-release.

We also talked about the application process and how they can increase their chances to join our team. By the way, we are constantly looking for new colleagues in Brasov and Bucharest. We are organizing a Traineeship program this summer, for students or fresh graduates, on PHP Development, Frontend Development and Quality Assurance.

Also, if you already are an enthusiastic Software Developer or a passionate Quality Assurance Engineer, let’s meet! Take a look on our career website and let us know when you are ready for a challenge!

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