Natural born traveller? Be ZAFF and earn money!

Affiliate marketing: passive income

Affiliate Marketing is a good way of earning money without having to invest.

They say if you have a blog or website and you constantly generate good quality content and traffic, you can easily become an affiliate, in 4 steps:

1. Find an affiliate network
2. Find one or more products you (and your users!) like and are familiar with, to sell
3. Place the affiliate code (links) on your website
4. Collect money

You can earn a percentage or a fix commission, for every product sold on your website.
There are a few affiliate networks on the Romanian market, but let me tell you about ZAFF – the travel affiliate program developed by Zitec.

We say you don’t necessarily need a website, you need friends and passion for travel!

ZAFF experience started back in February 2012, having Paravion, Happy Tour and HotelPeeps as partners for airline tickets and accommodation packages. By the end of 2013, there were around 300 affiliate websites and also more products to sell: holidays and rent-a car services. And we plan to extend the program on the Bulgarian market. In the meantime, we’re searching for natural born travelers, with many friends alike.

If you use your free time to plan your next vacation and you also have friends who travel a lot, come to ZAFF! We’ll give you more than cookies 🙂  : an affiliate code and a page template you can use every time you book a travel, for you and your friends. Every paid reservation coming from your page, will bring you a 7 euros commission for airline tickets and 4% for accommodation package.

So, be ZAFF! Chances are by the end of the year, you’ll get your next vacation for free 😉
For more informations please visit or write us at

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“We’ll give you more than cookies” :)) anyway… ZAFF is a very interesting project. Looking forward to its development.