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Or as we named our awesome event: Online 24/7. The same really. The main point is this: is your business online? If not, it should definitely be. This is the main idea you should take away from this event, this article or these online trends that we’re talking about. Why? Well, we have some good reasons for you.

The Mobile Customer Journey in Micro-Moments

First thing’s first. Have you ever heard of The Mobile Moment? It’s a particular moment in time when the number of searches on mobile devices exceeds the number of searches on desktops. Our country had that moment in 2016.

Mobile Users

Pretty amazing, right? This actually goes hand in hand with another really cool concept called Micro-moments. Micro-moments are particular moments when people reflexively turn to a device – usually their smartphones – to act on a need to learn something, watch something, discover something or buy something. These are intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur throughout the entire consumer journey.

So what does all of this mean? According to Google, it means that consumer behavior has changed forever. Today’s battle for hearts, minds, and dollars is won (or lost) in these micro-moments.

Your business needs, now more than ever, a strong online presence because it needs to be accessible to users all the time. All day. Every day.

However, in order to have the best possible business online, you need the best possible online marketing strategy. This means figuring out what your traffic potential is, where your public is and how you can use online marketing channels to bring in relevant traffic. In our presentations, we looked at some of the most successful online businesses in Romania. What do they have in common? A good allocation of time and effort on media channels.

The online space has evolved so much and so has the user experience. Between the personalized experiences on Social Media, customized newsletters and personalized targeting, each individual’s experience on your website should be unique, custom made for his or her needs. Get to know your public, their needs and what they like. Listen to them and adjust your business and marketing strategy accordingly! Do you want to promote vacation packages? Listen to your audience, find out what destinations they like. Get inspired by what they post and what they show you. Get them to help you explore, ask for feedback, start a conversation!

Traveling Community

Don’t talk to your customers. Talk with them!

This is what we did with one of our favorite partners: Paravion!  We wanted to communicate an opening for a new job: Paravion Superstar. What that actually meant was that one lucky person would be travelling around the world for free and documenting the process for all the people back home. He would give feedback, tips & tricks, a live feeling of what it actually was like to be on location. This open dialogue with the public positioned the brand and the website as a good source for information, not just a site that sells plane tickets. Free and open communication worked wonders for Paravion. It could for you, too!

Another strong Romanian brand we joined forces with is City Grill. This brand has under its umbrella 7 restaurants, each with its unique brand and customer profile. However, the online strategy is based on the same main principle: recognizing that these days, the public is online. All day every day. And so are they! We have been working together to create and build a strong online presence for each or their restaurants. Between posting delicious dishes from the restaurant on Instagram, posting about new job openings on Facebook or gathering awesome reviews on TripAdvisor, these restaurants are growing fast thanks to a solid online marketing strategy and a good communication with their online community!

Online Community for Restaurants

So what should you take away from all this? We need to learn to communicate again. Never forget you are not talking to cookies or users or numbers in Analytics. You’re talking with real people with real needs. People with the real power to make your business successful. Work with them, bring each other real value and you will both win!

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