Over 5000 lives saved. In 30 minutes.

We’ve been waiting for this moment for over 2 years and I’m really proud and happy to finally be able to say it: we’ve saved over 5000 lives and we’re going national with our blood donating in the office project! I’ll just take one more line to thank and congratulate all my colleagues, our partners and the companies who joined us and helped us #makeitso!

How it all began

In case you haven’t heard about our campaign until now, let me change that: #cei1024 is a Zitec campaign launched a few years back when we first contacted the Blood Transfusion Center in Bucharest to organize a blood donation session right in our HQ. They accepted and we’re soon going to host our 14th blood donation in the Zitec office. But to make things more challenging, we thought about launching the project public and invite other companies in Bucharest to support our cause for the greater good. And some of the most important brands in the capital jumped in: UniCredit Bank, MENATWORK, Orange România, Microsoft România, Auchan România, Luxoft, Sheraton Bucharest Hotel, Adobe, Netop, Bitdefender and others. Thus, after less than 2 years, the campaign has gathered over 1500 donors and more than 750l of blood. That means over 5000 lives saved!

We’re going national

To celebrate this overwhelming milestone we’re happy to announce we’re expanding our campaign in other cities across the country! Starting this spring, companies in Timișoara, Cluj, Brașov or cities around Bucharest can now join us and host donating sessions in their offices as we have new partners onboard: the Blood Transfusion Centers of The Ministry of National Defence, the one in Timișoara and also the one in Cluj. So visit our website, check if your city is covered by our campaign and join us in saving more lives! Donating takes only about 30 minutes and you also have a lot of benefits such as a free day, food tickets, discounts for public transportation, free medical tests and other good stuff – check it all out on our website.

Do you know somebody who works in a company in Timișoara, Cluj, Brașov, București or around the capital? Send them a link to our website www.cei1024.ro or donate a share on Facebook and helps us save more lives!

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