6 ways your software partner’s location can impact your project

Due to the complex and specialized technology business environment, many organizations find it challenging to go on a digital transformation path independently. Most of the time, partnerships with software development companies are an excellent method to aid the process.  Regardless of your business segment or industry, an experienced software development company can boost your ability … Continued

How Flip became a leader in the Romanian refurbished electronics market with development services from Zitec

For the past years, the sale of used and refurbished products has become a very important trend worldwide. This model of production and consumption, also known as circular economy, involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing products as long as possible. It further aligns with strategic sustainable development principles approached by organizations of … Continued

Why you should consider experience a deciding factor in the IT supplier selection process

Whether you aim to improve customer experience, optimize business processes or refine/adjust your business model, working with the right software partner is a critical success factor. An experienced IT supplier can boost your ability to innovate and sustain a healthy business growth, no matter the business segment you’re active in or the size of your … Continued

Zitec is one of the fastest-growing companies on Clutch

We’re incredibly proud to announce that we have been recently named one of the fastest-growing companies on Clutch, within the Top 100 Sustained-Growth companies ranking. We are excited to share and celebrate this outstanding recognition with all of you! Clutch is the leading B2B ratings and reviews platforms based in Washington, DC, which evaluates technology … Continued

Romcim builds digital solution based on customer wish list and sees impressive adoption rate

On the construction site, everything is planned around the availability of people and materials. Efficiency in building requires good planning of these resources. Most often, such planning is done on a job or an industrial site, far from the comfort of the office, where meetings may take hours of data analysis and discussions across functions. … Continued

Top Banking Trends to Watch in 2022 and Beyond

Having a bird’s eye view on the banking trends is necessary in shaping strategies and eventually reaping the benefits and exploiting opportunities. Most probably, this ecosystem goes through its most dynamic and exciting times. This awareness has an impact on the way companies create and market winning products, discover hidden segments of opportunity, increase market … Continued

Zitec supports creatives in becoming more resilient through the CIRCLE project

Part of the goal of Zitec’s Innovation Grants Consulting service is to bring new and improved digital products and technology to the market. We enable our clients to access grants for their projects and gain access to innovative technologies. The unprecedented disruptions caused by the pandemic have highlighted the fact that the global business model … Continued

Reinventing delivery with Sameday’s easybox locker service

Innovation has always been one of our core values at Zitec. To us, it is a source of continuous learning and growth and that is why we approach projects with a pioneering mindset, providing new solutions in the best interest of our business partners. One such example is the self-service intelligent locker system developed by … Continued