Online store development: 5 things to consider for a profitable eCommerce business

The eCommerce industry is in continuous expansion and transformation especially as we’re seeing consumers stick with behaviors they picked up during the pandemic and expect convenience and personalization with every purchase. According to Statista, 2.14 billion people have shopped online in 2021. In this realm of opportunity, elevating customer experience for the digital consumer is … Continued

10 eCommerce UX best practices for a flawless user experience

Customers’ needs and technology advances are two constantly changing variables. For an eCommerce business, keeping up with these evolving trends is a year-round priority. To ensure retention and loyalty, an eCommerce website should find the right balance between being memorable and offering meaningful and relevant experiences to people shopping online.  The way brands succeed in … Continued

How we redesigned the website of the most loved Romanian brand

Redesigning a brand’s website is always an interesting journey. A strong digital presence has become mandatory for any business, as consumer behaviors have dramatically changed in recent years. While newer channels like social media and messaging platforms have become pivotal, brand websites and apps remain at the forefront of digital channels. When Arctic approached us … Continued

What is UX Design and why do I need it?

A not-so-uncommon story Imagine being interested in a brand. You visit their website feeling curious and excited, hoping to learn more, perhaps even considering a purchase. But after navigating through the confusing layout and clicking the same button for ten minutes with no visible results, you end up with a burning desire to dump the … Continued

The impact of good UX: how we helped Romstal more than double online transactions

Romstal, a company specialized in the sale of construction installation equipment, is the market leader in South-Eastern Europe. The company’s offer includes over 15,000 products, characterized by a world-renowned quality, which Romstal adopts as its policy. However, Romstal’s website hadn’t been updated in a long time and its UX (User Experience) didn’t respond to the … Continued