Career path for web developers

Web development represents an attractive working field for many people, but if  you wish to develop your career in a professional manner, your expectations are recommended to be realistic and tangible and to follow a career path.

The first step is passion for web development which guides you to find out more about this field.

Learning by doing

In Romania,  it’s about to assume  learning on your own, because the education system is limited to deliver some general knowledge about programming languages, without facilitate practicing of any web technology.

So, if you are interested to start your career in this field, first of all you must study that technology and apply the knowledge acquired in effective development of web projects. This is the only way that lets you learn to use the web technologies.

Create your own project portfolio

The most important aspect in web development field is to create your own portfolio of projects you were involved, from the simplest to the most complex applications. A projects portfolio will help you:

  • to have a realistic image of your experience acquired in web development;
  • to identify the technical areas that must be improved;
  • to present yourself more accurately on the job market;
  • to make easier a possible competition for a job ;
  • to promote your professional activity to possible clients if necessary.

Getting your first job

Once you have the feeling that you have accumulated enough experience in web development that gives you the possibility to build a career in this field, you can choose which path you follow, an option being to start searching for a job.

With technical knowledge and some personal experience, getting a job that fits you is quite easy if you’re aware what this process means and how to start it.

The most important thing that will help you find the right job is setting clear short and medium term career goals and find the realistic approach to achieve them.

For your first job, you can take into consideration an internship program/stage that will help you get used with a structured and organized working environment and eventually might offer you the opportunity to join a professional team.


Setting out on your own

On the other hand, you can decide to start a career as a freelancer and to experience what entrepreneurship means. In this case, you have to be prepared to handle new situations, because your work will not be limited to technical issues, but will require customer relations, financial and project management skills as well.

Specialize your expertise

Certainly, at beginning of your career you’ll be trying many technologies of web development in order to discover which ones fit best your working style, but it is essential during your professional experience to specialize yourself in providing solutions using the technology which you’re more comfortable with in order to deliver high quality services. Thus you’ll be able to create value in your specific field in any organizational environment.

In the same time, in web development you must be open and interested in new approaches, in order to provide fast and effective solutions for your projects.

A natural step in becoming a high professional in your field is to certify your knowledge and obtaining the formal prove of your technical competences. Although many developers are skeptical, a certificate is an asset for developers, from many companies perspective.

by Florentina Greger

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