Got mad synth skills? We have a job for you!

We’re not even kidding. You know us, we take even the fun side of things seriously.

So here’s the deal. You’ve probably already heard about our awesome musical project, ZiBand. While we already (and quite modestly, really!) believe we sound great together, we also think there’s something definitely missing. You, our dear future piano/synth player, may be that exact piece of the puzzle we’re looking for. 

But, wait, if you thought that was it, it gets even better. Apart from being a dedicated member of our band, you will also get to be a full-time member of Zitec, none other than the winner of the “Company of the Year” award at Gala ANIS 2020, acknowledging the most innovative member of the IT community. 

But first things first…

Meet the band

Ionut, our guitarist, once said that the audience’s first impression when they hear ZiBand playing live is that of surprise. That is because most people expect to witness a karaoke-like performance from just another group of heavy-handed hobby musicians.

But ZiBand is as serious as it gets. Maria, lead vocalist, Ionut C, guitar player and singer, Ionut P, bass player, and Victor, drummer, take their music “jobs” very seriously. There’s one mandatory after-hours rehearsal every week, and numerous concert opportunities. 

Some of the stages our colleagues have rocked are quite popular among local concert-goers. Club Spice and Beraria H are just two examples. The local IT scene wasn’t left unshaken, either, as we’ve successfully entertained the attendees of Meet Magento Romania, How to Web, and Regatta IT.

Convinced yet?

Join us. It’s easy.

We don’t expect you to be an internationally acclaimed synthesizer/piano player. We just expect you to be a music buff, who has rhythm in his/her blood and knows a few piano chords, or is willing to learn. It would be great if you are familiar with DAWs and understand what audio frequencies are all about. But that’s just a bit of wishful thinking.

Now, just go to our list of available jobs, find the most suitable one and apply.

We look forward to rocking with you at both ZiBand and Zitec!

PS: a share would also be kindly appreciated. Maybe you know someone who can deliver awesomeness on both keyboards: synth and laptop!

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