#lifeatzitec – Q&A Alex Grigore

It’s one thing to hear rumors and market talk about working for one company or another, but it’s an entirely different experience to get hands-on insights from people that are actually part of that organization. We’ve started a series of videos and written interviews with some of our colleagues in hope of answering questions anyone may … Continued

Curious about life at Zitec? Hear what Bogdan has to say.

Our colleague Bogdan Pisică from the eCommerce department shares his thoughts about his first few months at Zitec. Let us know what you think about his insights. If you want to know more about #lifeatzitec and our job openings, visit our careers page. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch.

Romcim builds digital solution based on customer wish list and sees impressive adoption rate

On the construction site, everything is planned around the availability of people and materials. Efficiency in building requires good planning of these resources. Most often, such planning is done on a job or an industrial site, far from the comfort of the office, where meetings may take hours of data analysis and discussions across functions. … Continued

Aurus democratizes precious metals with Blockchain solutions built by Zitec

Client Description Aurus is a UK-based company that empowers the precious metals industry with blockchain-based services to revolutionize the accessibility and usability of precious metals. A traditional commodity market The precious metals industry is a traditional one in many respects. Commodities such as gold, platinum or silver have historic credibility and they are widely regarded … Continued

Testing the boundaries: The story of a voluntary pen-test exercise

Organizations are adopting digital transformation at an unprecedented speed. What could have been considered pioneering actions a few years ago have now become mandatory steps towards securing a foreseeable future for companies worldwide. But in the rush of shifting from traditional processes to new ways of working, the issue of security becomes more important than … Continued