The day before the hack. ZiHack!

Hello, world! Today is the day before the hack. ZiHack! We’re planning a day&night hack here, at the Zitec headquarters starting tomorow, at about 10 am. It all should last for about 24h, enough for our 4 teams to have lots of fun and implement their ideas.

Meet the Teams

Gabriel, Ionut and Lucian call themselves Mancaciosii (guys, you’re the only team with a Romanian name, may the Force be with you!) and they’re planning a Food & Beverage Assistant Manager, while Nicu, Ramona, Cristi, Marius and Bogdan, also known as the Gamesters will give it a try with the EuroFight – hope it won’t turn out with a food fight 😀

Team No. 3 is called The Horde (aka Vlad Power Team) with Tiberiu, Adina (yey, we have a girl hacker!), Vlad and also Vlad. The app they thought about is called Singapic and the description says “Musical Picture”. Can’t wait to see what’s it gonna do, I bet it’s something cool!

And last, but not least, let’s have a trip to Mont Blanc. Oh, sorry, that’s Nord Blanc and it’s the fourth team – Laura (dev girls FTW), Florin and Silviu, planning to give you the PAL – courious what’s that about? Follow us on @zitec for real-time updates!

Special guests

You know what they say – “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so give it up for Andrei, Alex and Bogdan, the Designers Trio and Oana, the Social Media Officer.

That being said, I’ll leave you with the Zitec Wall, @zitec Twitter account and the ZiHack countdown.

Till we meet again, be cool and stay safe from hackers! No, not us: we’re always the good guys!

by Costinela Nistor

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