The journey from a trainee to a full-stack dev and QA



We’ve just completed another successful Zitec traineeship that has created a new generation of QA and developers.

The three months journey proved to be a good start for 9 trainees that ended up being full-time devs and QA’s in the Zitec team.

In their own words, here’s a sneak peak of their experiences:

“The traineeship surpassed my expectations. It was a period in which I’ve learned so much and I am not talking only about the technical side. I feel I’ve grown personally and I thank my team for that. I would recommend this program and Zitec because you can work with amazing people, the work environment is very pleasant, the help you get is valuable.” (Lucian)

“It was intense and I’ve worked with very cool people. I send special thanks to the coffee 😀 and our coordinators that worked hard to make us one of the best wave of Zitec trainees.” (Tiberiu)

“It was an amazing experience that helped me reach a new level of professionalism. I’ve met great people, from which I’ve learned a lot and still have so many things to discover.” (Mircea)

“I can only say praise words for this traineeship. I’ve learned so many new concepts and worked with new technologies. My colleagues were always there for support.” (Cosmin)

“I really liked the traineeship because it allowed me all the tools necessary to grow professionally, to learn a lot and exchange knowledge with the others. I’ve asked for help and receive great support. All of this because the Zitec team is THE BEST!” (Catalin)

“This traineeship had an amazing team of organizers and it shows in the results. Our purpose was to put an accent on collaboration, teamwork and building a strong knowledge base. For each generation coming, there is another level of proficiency that is being set. This traineeship’s greatest surprise was to have workshop sessions and presentations given by the trainees themselves out of their wish to share their know-how.” (Alexandru, Project Manager)

We cannot wait to develop great projects together with them. Hopefully, they convinced you to apply for the next traineeship that will start in February 2018. Keep an eye on our careers page for it and for other opportunities in the Zitec team.

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