The New Zitec HQ

Hello everyone, this is really big news and we are all very excited about it! We moved our headquarters downtown, to a new building that’s nicer, brighter, bigger and taller.

After more than 5 years in our previous location, we felt like it was time to move on. While we had plenty of room to expand there, we wanted a more central location and, more importantly, an office where we could express our creativity, where we could feel relaxed and because of these things, a place where we can be even more productive than before.

An office should not just be a decent work-space, with required facilities and some company branding. It should be a place that the team enjoys, where they feel stimulated and appreciated. Few companies pay attention to these “details” and most seem to ignore the fact that people spend most of their week-days in the office: if someone spends 8 or 9 hours a day in an office, the business owner better make that place as nice as possible.
The fun fact is that you do not necessarily need to spend a ton of cash to make this happen, you can get impressive results without a huge investment. But what you have to do is get fully involved in the relocation and decoration process and not see it as a nuisance.

Phoenix Tower

The new building is conveniently located near Unirii Square (5 minutes by bus), Unirii Boulevard (5 minutes by walking) and Starbucks coffee-shop (Bucharest Mall is less than 5 minutes away). With a generous reception space, brand new HVAC system plus some serious heavy-weight backup power generators, we are sure we’re always going to have perfect working conditions. Check out the building’s website for more details.
The landlord has also greatly helped us with the office build-out: with great pricing and incredible service delivered right on time, so if you need any help (from building to renting to cleaning services) make sure you drop MT&T a line.

Besides our underground parking lot and bicycle pad, we have also saved a parking spot at the main entrance so that our friends and customers will never have to stress about finding a parking spot in one of the busiest parts of Bucharest.

Please step in!

Check out our new official address here. The 5th floor is all ours and the offices have over 900 m2, more than enough for our current team and our expansion plans. Yes, we’re still hiring!

In the last month we put together our creative minds to decorate three large work spaces, two management offices, one office for the HR team, two meeting rooms, the kitchen and a few surprising recreational rooms. We really wanted something that represents us as a team, something unique and held together by passion, something that will make us proud of who we are and that will make anybody want to join our team 🙂

Working with style

We put much thought into arranging the work spaces. What we wanted was:

  • Enough space for everyone to feel comfortable
  • Comfortable chairs and desks (no cables lying around!)
  • Customized area themes for each department
  • No cubicles
  • Open spaces that are not very crowded or very large
  • A few relaxing and fun areas
  • Nice, original graphical themes throughout the entire space

The working space is quite generous and there is plenty of room to move around.


The Zitec Drupal Team has a corner of its own, branded with the Drupal logo.


Design Department desks with the floating Adobe icons – custom made pillows by Zitec.


The Skills Wall. This is what we know, this is what we do, this is what we enjoy working on.


Check out the  LCARS Star Trek interface inspired door design (entrance, storage, fun room area and server room) and our “Make it so” artwork (Thank you Captain!)

Since everyone is naming conference rooms by popular scientists, singers or famous business people, we felt the need to do the same, and as we only have two meeting rooms at this point, we feel we picked the best options. Below you can see the entry point to the meeting rooms: “Popular Destination” and “Celebrity Name”.

Just choose the city or the character of your desire
and remember that Chuck Norris can do whatever he wants.


The main meeting room with an impressive view of the outer space (thank you NASA!).


The “Celebrity Name” meeting room.


Management and middle management offices – Main Bridge and Zibord – featuring the Star Trek logo and a mountain scenery. It’s all about the things you enjoy.


The HR office door artwork.


Lunch break or coffee time? If you need to recharge your batteries please step into the kitchen. Plenty of room and options: coffee, milk and fresh fruits on the house every day!


The black wall is actually a blackboard, so we can be creative even while recharging!


Of course, the spice must flow!


Bathroom and shower artwork.


Let’s have some fun now!

Some people say that they work well when they are under stressful conditions. We believe that productivity is higher when you are relaxed. We visited quite a few typical corporate offices and we saw mostly sterile and (very) boring workspaces. Should a professional and corporate workspace be dull with muted colors? Given the amount of time you spend in it, it makes total sense for it to be attractive and for everzone to feel good about it. Special places where people can relax and have fun are a must. For this greater purpose we created three areas:

1. The Grand Ballroom. For your inner child and for you to express your creativity on its rewritable walls. Hello Kitty, Goodbye Kitty!


2.The Pac-Man room. A small place to rest, read or have a quick meeting.

Pac-Man Shelf in the Pac-Man room. Over 1m diameter, custom made (thank you Mobexpert for this idea and for your assistance in decorating the office space).


3. The FunRoom where anyone can play table tennis, foosball or have a massage chair session.
Right image: the wood shelf where you can create pixel art using Rubik’s Cubes. Rubik’s Cubes FTW!


Everybody is invited

If you enjoyed this post and liked the pictures, feel free to drop by –  you are more than welcome. The free tour includes a robotic & human audio guide and coffee. We’ll be delighted to play a game of foosball (we’ll let you win) or table tennis, so don’t forget to bring your sports outfit (and shower towel!). Our Zuper-team is always having fun, so why shouldn’t you do the same?

by Alex Axon

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Cristian Pascu

Pot sa ma angajez cateva luni la voi doar ca sa zic ca am lucrat in cel mai tare sediu din Romania? 🙂

Alex Lapusan

Merge si asa, dar se gasesc si alte variante 🙂 Multumim pentru apreciere!

Robert Horsmans

Congratulations on your new office Zitec! Looks like a dream office!

Best regards,

Alex Lapusan

Thank you Robert!


Wow! Impressive work space! 🙂

Alex Lapusan


Andrei Kovacs

Cool. Nice place. Do you also have a bar ?
And don’t forget the garrage .. some small shity place full of car parts where you can brainstorm for the next big thing :-).


Alex Lapusan

We’re considering having a permanent cocktail bar 🙂

Razvan Tirboaca

Foarte, foarte marfa! Thumbs up, Alex & Co 🙂


WOW! Arata extraordinar… cand mai faceti angajari?

Alex Lapusan

Mai tot timpul. Citeste mai multe aici:

Eros Nicolau

Hmm 🙂 Asta inseamna ori ca pleaca oameni de la voi mai tot timpul (chiar greu de crezut), ori ca sunteti in continua crestere (miracol in .ro, felicitari!, cum reusiti?)

Cristian Hossu

Felicitari Alex, felicitari echipei Zitec, aveti un sediu super supert tare :D! Sediu de piatra si o echipa beton! Asta va dorim de casa noua : )!

Alex Lapusan

Multumim! Ne vedem la !

Paul Pop

wooow!….unbeliveble office shuuuu…congratulations!!!

mi-a placut “make it software” !

Paul Pop

un buton facebook/google+ share?
Ne place, vrem ca si alte firme sa ia atitudine:)

Naicu Octavian

Qute, dar:

In general developerii trebuie sa aiba privacy, sa intre in “the zone”, spatiile deschise mari cu zeci de developeri in care se creeaza o forfota enorma nu ii avantajeaza. Sunt bune pentru un testing farms dar nu pentru high quality developers. Joel Spolsky merge pana la a oferi fiecarui developer biroul lui personal. Niste pereti semi inalti despartitori intre birouri ar face minuni.

De asemenea echipele trebuie separate cat mai mult pana la a avea propriul spatiu/ propria camera personalizata dupa specificul echipei: awards, roadmaps, deadlineuri, ecrane cu informatie, informatii bursa, etc… .

Birourile nu par reglabile pe verticala si scaunele nu par sa intre sub birou din cauza suportului pentru maini.

In zona de lunch este un bar la care stai cu fata la perete!

Peretele respectiv , care daca nu ma insel poate fi scris cu creta, trebuia pus intr-o zona unde se poate beneficia de acest huge whiteboard.

PacMan room is great tough and so is the play room and so are the matted glass walls between the work rooms and conference rooms that provide some amount of privacy.

Alex Lapusan

Multumim Octavian pentru mesaj.
Impartirea pe zone a fost facuta dupa ce am discutat cu toti colegii si am incercat sa avem spatii pe gustul fiecaruia: sunt colegi carora nu le place ideea de a sta separati intr-un birou, iar altii sunt perturbati de orice miscare. Din pacate/din fericire nu exista o reteta simpla si garantata, totul trebuie adaptat la echipa. Si evident, la bugetul disponibil 🙂
Orice nu functioneaza ok sau este deranjant este raportat ca bug in bug tracker, iar noi luam in serios bug-trackerul 🙂


Foarte frumos,modern.Daca puneti doua monitoare la fiecare creste productivitatea cu 80%.
Daca si salariile sunt bune si oamenii sunt multumiti totul este in regula.

Lucian D

Salut Octavian,

Ideea lui Joel Spolsky este preluata de la Tom DeMarco (Peopleware). Am luat si noi in considerare crearea unor astfel de spatii, dar in final s-a ajuns la un semi-open-space.
In formatul actual (cel putin in zona in care am eu biroul) se poate lucra mult mai bine decat intr-un open space pentru ca e o camera compartimentata in 3 sub-zone (ceea ce o aduce destul de aproape de recomandarile mentionate de tine).

Ma bucur ca sunt persoane pe la noi care au cunostinte despre recomandarile lui Joel – cam toate ideile lui (preluate sau originale) sunt extrem de pertinente.


Abia astept sa vad cu o sa arate standul vostru si la Internet & Mobile World – abia astept 🙂

Robert Tanislav

Felicitari pentru noul sediu.Va doresc multa bafta

Alex Lapusan


Elena Ghervan

This is so movie like! Enjoy it! ^.^

Razvan Preda

Mai primesc si eu un loc in echipa Zitec dacă mă rasgandesc sa mă întorc in tara 🙂 . Super office

Alex Lapusan

Colegele de la HR mereu asteapta colegi noi talentati 🙂


Salut alex lapusan mai angajati ? ma pricep de minune la web design asta cred eu dar vreau sa va demonstrez si voua daca da ma poti contacta pe email ? :

Adrian Rus

Arată foarte bine noul sediu.
Iar scaunele #99cc00 din ’the main meeting room’ rulează.
Să vă fie spre succes această schimbare de look.

Alexandru Lapusan

Multumim Adrian!


Foarte, foarte cool birourile voastre!!!
Dar, in afara de IT, se pare ca nu mai vreti pe nimeni!… 🙁
Si asa mult mi-as fi dorit sa intru in echipa voastra si sa imi aduc si eu contributia la dezvoltarea ei!…

Oare pot spera, intr-un viitor (nu prea indepartat) ca as avea si eu loc pe-acolo?



Foarte fain , imi place . Bravos !

Adrian Doban

Super sediul vostru !
As fi mandru sa lucrez intr-un astfel de sediu,
dar sunt prea junior pentru voi, nu ma primiti !
Oricum multa bafta !


Superb office. Simti energia creativa:). M-ar interesa pozitiile de .net team lead/technical manager.


Fain sediu.
Avast zice ca aveti o problema, se pare ca dupa /wrapper aveti un iframe spre “”


O curiozitate. In ultima poza, fata amplasata in extrema stinga este cumva din Brasov? Seamana perfect cu o domnisoara pe linga care am trecut deseori in ultimii 22 de ani, dar pe care nu am mai vazut-o de multa vreme – si sper ca este bine sanatoasa.
Evident, probabil ca este o simpla coincidenta, dar asemanarea este izbitoare.


Buna Marius,

nu, nu sunt din Brasov, simpla coincidenta.


Multumesc frumos pentru raspuns.
Numai bine.


1. biroul este f tare, felicitari
2. aveti nevoie de mai multe creativitate feminina 😉


Alex Lapusan

Salut ion,
O sa le transmit colegelor 🙂


Parca nici nu ati sta in aceeasi cladire cu noi 🙁

Alex Lapusan

Razvan, esti binevenit oricand!

Marius C

Python/Django nu-si poate gasi loc in portofoliul Zitec?

Alex Lapusan

Salut Marius,
Folosim Python in cateva proiecte Zitec asa ca nu vad de ce nu si ceva mai serios in curand!

Mike Kavis

Very cool. Hope I get to visit someday!

Alex Lapusan

You are always most welcome!


[…] The Zitec workspace is unique, decorated in a geeky way, with LCARS Star Trek interface inspired design, a Pac Man room, a Fun Room, a Grand Ballroom and many others inspiring things that we keep as a surprise for when you pay us your first visit.. […]


Super tare!


Tonk’peh, Zitec!

Your choice of starship decorations is highly irregular, albeit fascinating. The LCARS markings on your inner hull seem to indicate an increased level of – what is the human word for it – geekiness. Your curious fondness for Pac-Man most clearly supports the initial observation. The recreational spaces, complete with Rubik’s cubes confirms the hypothesis beyond any doubt.

I am honoured to have made your acquaintance and wish you a long and rewarding journey.

Dif tor heh smusma.

Alexandru Lapusan

Qapla’ batlh je’!

Adrian Pavelescu

Salut! Super birourile voastre, trec in fiecare zi pe langa cladire dar nu stiam cum arata in interior. Am gasit si anuntul de job, pacat ca nu ma incadrez. Nu stiu decat un pic de grafica, photoshop, corel, illustrator. Si ce lucrez acum place aici. Sincer imi doresc sa lucrez in asa companie. poate, nu se stie niciodata. Bafta.

Alexandru Lapusan

Multumim Adrian, poti sa ne trimiti oricand un CV!


Buna, ofertele de joburi sunt doar pentru studenti sau tineri absolventi ai unei facultati cu profil tehnic?

Active News

Foarte interesanta cladirea Zitec. Seamana cu cea Google.

Alexandru Lapusan

Multumim, nu se compara bugetele dar incercam sa avem un birou cat mai fun 🙂

Fieraru Cristian

Foarte cool sediul vostru! Felicitari!

V-am trimis CV-ul meu de mai multe ori insa nici un semn de la voi – desi bifam toate job requirements-urile. Banuiam eu ca sunteti elitisti, da` nici chiar asa! :))

Oricum, bafta in tot ce faceti! Sunteti unii dintre cei mai mari (si mai tari) jucatori de pe piata de web-development din Romania.


Fain office, dar nu pe primul loc. Exista unii si mai “bolnavi” in decoratiuni.
Ciudate cereri de angajari: cereti studenti sau absolventi, dar pe prima pagina puneti articol cum ca tehnologiile folosite nu se invata in scoala si trebuie aprofundate separat. Va doare scutirea de impozit ?

Andrei Juganaru

Felicitari pentru realizari si pentru felul in care stiti sa combinati “work” cu “fun” si “relax” ! Din punctul meu de vedere, sunteti “Google-ul” romanesc ca si nivel!


Nice 🙂 Jobs in HR aveti?


Salut,se mai fac angajari? si care sunt cerintele? daca am terminat liceul anul asta si am cunostinte photoshop 5-6 ani css/html le cunosc foarte bine,php,mysql ,js le cunosc foarte putin dar le pot invata usor, cms cunosc am experienta si in phpbb3 , am 19 ani