The PHP traineeship becomes a Zitec full-time journey

Our PHP team has grown – all 8 trainees proved to be a good fit here and have now joined the Zitec team after a three months learning journey.


Their 3-month program has finished and now they are boarding for a full-time journey with the Zitec team.

In their own words, here’s a sneak peak at the story of their experiences:

“This traineeship was the first one for me and I can tell you that the experience was awesome. I think reading and practicing just a little bit with Symfony before starting would have made the process more consistent in information. Anyway, with or without knowing anything about it, the process was fun, exciting and most of all full of information!” (Andreea)

“Before being accepted I was very nervous and I thought I might not live up to the expectations, but I managed it and I’m proud of myself for being here. When I look back I don’t even know when those three months have passed even though I recall each day spent here, learning something new. By being at Zitec I finally feel like I’m on the good road of my life!“ (Adrian)

“These past three months meant more to me than a period of just improving my PHP knowledge. It was also the time during which I’ve made new friends. I am glad to be a part of this big family!” (Carina)

“I’ve learned so many new concepts in PHP.  Everybody is willing to help, which allows you to learn faster. I am very happy that I chose Zitec. P.S: made some cool friends here.” (George)

“Participating in this traineeship at Zitec was a great experience. The project that the entire team contributed to taught us lots of new stuff about Symfony.” (Amalia)

“Being part of the traineeship group has truly helped me to improve my programming skills, not just by the classes held, but also by sharing code, talking about code and debugging with my colleagues. Actually, that’s my favorite part about the traineeship: them. Had an awesome team!” (Ana)

“I’ve just finished a 3-month traineeship, where I’ve met amazing people, who are dedicated to help each other, or to make your face smile again when you are in bad mood. After this period of time, I’ve learned, besides the programming art, a lot of soft skills. I’m glad to be here.” (Lucian)

We cannot wait to develop great projects together with them. Hopefully, they convinced you to apply for the next PHP traineeship that will start on the 1st of July. We cannot wait to receive your CV and meet you on our ship of code. See ya, matey!

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