The profile of a Zitec team member

For most people, a cool job would be a dream come true.  In order to be happy with your career, you must follow your passion and find an employer that shares your values.

Find below why Zitec is the perfect workplace for you if you want to work in the software development field.

What are you like, our future teammate?

1. You have a passion for technology

The Zitec team members are working on cool projects using the latest technologies. Thus, if you want to be a good professional, you should be interested in all what is new in this field and find fresh ideas on how to apply it.

2. You are a friendly and enthusiastic colleague

We’re very enthusiastic when it comes to meeting new members, learning from their experience and sharing our knowledge and we want to keep it this way.

3. You are interested in personal development

It’s very important for us that our team members keep studying and gaining new skills in order to continuously develop and grow their careers. So, if you set your own goals, we will surely provide you with support in order to achieve them. For example, 19 of your colleagues are Zend Certified Engineers and we’re still counting.

4. You love high quality work

Because we want to be the best in our field and we want to have only happy clients, we’re always looking for high quality oriented people to join us.

5. You have fun at work

We only work for projects we believe in and it’s easy for us to have fun and do our best in the same time. Passion for technology and great ideas go hand in hand with some extra fun. If you love Ping-Pong and you’re good at foosball, you can meet us in our fully equipped Fun Room.

6. You like to be appreciated

We show our appreciation every time a new project is released or a team hits a milestone by together celebrating success.

 7. You like a geeky and inspiring workplace

The Zitec workspace is unique, decorated in a geeky way, with LCARS Star Trek interface inspired design, a Pac Man room, a Fun Room, a Grand Ballroom and many others inspiring things that we keep as a surprise for when you pay us your first visit..

We’re sure that you figured out by now how attractive is to join our team and you have now only one thing in your mind: Join Zitec, probably the best team I can find”!

And don’t forget…. enjoy programming responsibly!


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