Time Management is in our code

We are all amazing tech people. Sometimes, though, you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of workload that may appear in your line of professional activity.

What if the answer lays in the way you organize your day? Yeah, it’s something you’ve heard about and read on so many occasions. But what we suggest is to find a new pattern that you can apply to your everyday work life. We want to extend our ideas and work together with our dev colleagues in Bucharest to find the correct approach for each of them.

Therefore, we are happy to invite you to our meetup that covers the topic of time management. Any PHP programmer or QA engineer is welcomed to our workshop, on 12th of October, starting at 18:30 (Zitec HQ).

With the experience of the previous groups, we can definitely say that this is a needed conversation and that you will leave with at least one new method in organizing your tasks and time at work.

Join us for the next time management workshop by filling this 4-minute form that will help us organize a spot-on meetup for your needs!

See you!

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