Two More Days Until Zitec Teambuilding

There are only two days left until the beginning of the most anticipated event of the year: the Teambuilding.

This June we intend to make it unforgettable because we also celebrate an important step in our journey: 10 years of Zitec. We’ve grown and learned a lot during the past years, so this is the perfect occasion to focus not only on improving communication and team bonding, but also on delivering results. We’ll have many treats and surprises like fish dishes, engaging Saturday activities, Sunday boat trip and others yet to be discovered.

So pack your bags, ladies and gentlemen, because this Friday at noon we board for a very beautiful location in the Danube Delta, Hotel Mon Jardin. Don’t forget your sunglasses and swimming suits because the latest weather report announces sunny days and let me assure you, the pool sure looks inviting. And what do you say about the view? Can’t wait…

Hotel Mon Jardin
Hotel Mon Jardin

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