Zidox is the new star on Business Wall of Fame

Lights, camera, action! Ladies and gents, we give you the Wall of Fame!

Now, for those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, Business Wall of Fame is a competition for app creators, especially apps which make the business process more effective and time saving.

We are competing in Business Wall of Fame, showcasing the most complex, yet easy to use application for resource management – Zidox.

Long story short, Zidox makes it possible to plan and monitor organization, reporting and communication, while integrating PM, Billing, HR, and Document Management modules. All these with 360 team evaluation and automatic result reporting.

Now that you know what this was all about, don’t just stand there! Give us your autograph here.

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Zidox is a new ‘player’ in this field. Seems like an interesting program.

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