ZiHack v2.0 Countdown

Less than 24 hours until the ZiHack….Yes, that’s right, folks, the second edition of Zitec’s annual 24-hours hackathon will start tomorrow, Friday, November 23rd, 2012, at 10:00 AM and we’re all in for a treat.

If there are some of you who still don’t know what the “hack” this ZiHack is, now is the chance to find out all about it and take the pulse from our last year edition.

Now, if everything is clear, let us introduce the star teams from this edition. Come on, put it together for:

The Exequeuetives: Nicu Budacu, Lucian Stuparu, Bogdan Ghervan, Marius Ghitoiu, Adi Limbasan and Radu Maruntelu (guest) – planning MyPartyQ App

Socially Awesome Penguins: Tiberiu Popovici, Vlad Rosca, Vlad Stefanescu, Adina Nichitean, Cristian Gigoiu (guest), Andrei Baicoianu (guest) – planning Bea-cu-mine Robot

Psych Dept. 36: Laura Michaud, Silviu Somesan, Florin Baicu, Catalin Tanasescu, Cristian Ghinea, Bilen Mujdaba, Costinela Nistor – planning Pimpboard.me App

ZIVA: Stefan Stoica, Cosmin Marin, Alex Enciu, Alin Roman, Bogdan Grigore, Bogdan Ungureanu – planning to bring to life the Zecretary

Social Miners: Gabriel Croitoru, Razvan Goga, Victor Stroe, Catalin Rotariu, Alex Axon, Oana Dumitrescu – planning Brandpeeps

FillInTheBlanks: Cristi Burtan, Andrei Ciovica, Marius Balteanu – planning Birthday Planner

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our blog tomorrow, starting at 10:00 AM for more details and updates about each project, as well as the surprises planned for the participants.

by Georgiana Voicu

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