ZiHack v2.0 Update

We’ve been posting photos all day of the teams having fun during the surprise activities we prepared for them. But now it’s time to update you on how the projects are coming along.

The Exequeuetives have made quite a lot of progress, they report that the MyPartyQ app is about 40% done with only a couple of minor issues that the guys solved quickly.

The Socially Awesome Penguins have had a few problems in programming the cocktail mixing robot Bea-cu-mine, but they managed to overcome them and now they’re moving forward with the project.

Pimpboard.me is coming along smoothly. With no major issues to report, the team has made good progress on the app.  And it looks like they might be the first team to prepare for release. Keep an eye on our updates to see how it goes on.

Ziva and their hot Zecretary have made quite an impression and already gathered 39 friends on Facebook, more than 50% male friends…we wonder why 😉 Not only that the Zecretary is hot, but she is also functional, with more features to be implemented in the next hours.

We’re happy to report that the Social Miners are also making steady progress with their app BrandPeeps. Unofficial sources state that there’s still a way to go, but they’re confident they’ll finish it before the deadline.

Team FillInTheBlanks reports that their app is about 70% done and their BirthDayPlanner is coming along with only a few minor issues. They’re working on solving them as we speak and are confident they’ll overcome them.

It’s looking good so far.

With more surprises still to come, the teams are hacking away trying to meet the deadline. We can’t wait to see their completed projects in action.

by Mihaela Patrolea

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