ZiHack v2.0 – The Story

ZiHack v2.0 came to an end and after 24-hours of hackathon and another 6 hours of pure party, one question did not let me go to sleep: “What drives 45 people to stay at work for 30 hours and look happy all that time?”

Cause for sure it’s not in our job descriptions, it’s not about money, it’s not mandatory and it’s not about the cameras from LTV that were following us all the time.

So, finally, after 30-hours, I got it, it’s a simple statement: “We like it here, at Zitec!” and I’m sure that the pictures will talk for themselves:

Starbucks. We started in the morning with a good coffee (thank you Starbucks), the presentation, the survival kit and planning the projects:

Start hacking. The actual work began and could hardly get the “kids” to lunch a few hours later.

Henna tattoos. But when it came to turn a geek into a bad boy, nobody could resist – the Henna tattoos ruled

Back to hack. Wearing proudly the recent tattoos they’ve got, our hackers went back to work

Stand-up comedy & Live Music. The night was still young when we got another surprise and another reason to like it here: we discovered new talents in our own people and the courage to take the stage in front of an audience full of “haters”

Florin Baicu: the stand-up comedian and Vlad Stefanescu: the drummer of String Sailor – they rocked the stage, as well as our prior beliefs.

Let’s hack some more. At this point, the projects were coming along, most of them being 70% functional

Red Bull girls. We needed just a little boost, so the RedBull girls’ timing was perfect

Massage therapy. But what would be a hack without a good massage? Our day-to-day massage chair was replaced by two professional masseurs from www.MasajDeZi.ro, who were kind enough to come in the middle of the night.

Hack in the daylight. Our brave hackers kept hacking until the sun was up.

Personalized fridge magnets. The show was not over until the fat lady sang, or in this case, until every team member found his own personalized fridge magnet on the board in the FunRoom, thanks to BiroticDesign

At this point, we were minutes away from the project presentations, so stay tuned for we will get there in the next post, where you can read all about the Apps, the winners, the prizes and the after party entertained with magic cocktails made by our private bartender.

But until then, check ZiHack v2.0 stats:
– 45 people: 34 hackers and 11 people involved in planning the event
– 6 hacking teams with 6 cool projects
– 50 personalized T-shirts
– 74 personalized fridge magnets
– 125 m bubble wrap
– 25 liters of Hacking Potion
– 40 liters of Starbucks coffee
– 21 massaged people
– over 50 cocktails blended
– All in 30 hours

It was fun, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can see for yourselves! Check our Facebook page and see all the pictures from ZiHack v2.0!

by Georgiana Voicu

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when can we expect more hacking this year?

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