ZiHack v3.0 – this year’s apps

This is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – ZiHack v3.0, Zitec’s annual 24 hours hackaton, the third edition!

Two years ago we started what was about to become our most important internal event – ZiHack! More than 24 hours of coding and having fun at the office while working on some pretty cool apps that made the news in the previous two years.

This year it’s bigger, better and it already looks more awesome than the first two ZiHacks. Keep reading to see the teams and the apps they’re working on.


Donate for a smile is the easiest way you can help orphan kids. The website gathers together the orphanages from all around the country and their necessities in money, material things and volunteers. This way, any person or company can provide an orphanage with exactly the things they need.
We developed our platform on Drupal, using mysql, apache drupal, css3, html5, burbon and responsive design.

Mobilizr is an app that shortens the way information get to people and help them locate protests and mobs that happen near them and around the globe. They can find the hotspots and track the course of the mob, the route everybody follows.

For making this happen, the team used Facebook login and events integration.
It’s an IOS app with AWS infrastructure on EC2, with DynamoDB as noSQL, and AWS RDS mysql service.

ZiPlanner, a platform which handles events management, is designed for the human resources department in a company. The application is implemented using the following technologies: ruby on rails on server side, jQuery on client side and Twitter Bootstrap for design. It enables the users to create events on which they can later comment and can choose which events they will be notified about. The application allows users to add present suggestions on birthday events and vote such suggestions.

ZiHack v3.0


Beer2Code is an app by the TinyWorld4Droid team who is porting a 2D game written in java using the AWT graphical toolkit to Google Android 4.0. The challange is to rewrite the game’s rendering engine from AWT to the native android 2D api.’

ZContacts will make communication easier and will allow a much better organisation of your in house contacts. The application will offer all the wiZki team contacts. Simple, Cheap, Fast, using Android, PHP Restful Webservice and MySQL

Zitec Map: Did you ever have a problem finding a colleague or maybe one of the printers at the office? If the answer is yes, now „Zitec Map” is here to help you find what you are looking for. The application will allow you to search a location inside the Zitec office and will show your current location in the building using your mobile phone. Technologies used: Java, Android.


#Internal tools

Timesheet Buddy: That time of the month can mean many things, but for the average Zuperman means one thing and one thing only: PANIC! Timehseets are due and you are way behind. Well those days will be long gone, thanks to Timesheet Buddy! Timesheet Buddy is an app that will make the day to day management of your timesheets as easy as a walk in a park. Just sit back, relax and let TS Buddy do its magic.
Technologies used to create this app: PHP 5.5, Zend Framework 1.12, LDAP, MySQL, integration with Zidox, Eventum, TFS and SVN.

ZRing is designed to notify the team of events happening inside Zitec, using the company’s audio system. Behind the useful and fun application stands a complex system, based on PHP and JAVA which gathers data from several sources.
To make it really interesting we added a beacon to also visually attract attention on certain events. Using text-to-speech and custom audio messages, ZRing makes sure you’ll never miss another meeting, release, critical issue or important event.


Shopalyzer is an online tool which analyzes e-commerce sites from a technical and SEO point of view. The results are displayed in the form of graphs and charts meant to help you improve the performance and correctly optimize your site for search engines.
The main technologies used in building this tool are: Phalcon, MySQL, Python, Redis, PhantomJS and NginX.

Face painting

MySQL Heartbeat: In real life you want to prevent bad health, you don’t want to have a heart attack or to loose your memory. In the same way, MySQL Heartbeat will help prevent your database from total collapse and loose precious information. With MySQL Heartbeat you will know when and what to improve to keep your database away from a “stroke”.

Technologies used: MySQL, PHP, JS, amCharts

Now that you have an idea about what we’re up to this night, stay tuned! Apps and hacking session are just one side of ZiHack. Check our Facebook page for fresh updates 🙂

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Hi. Do you guys have live adddresses for these projects listed above? I’d be curious to test some of them and maybe write a few words too.


[…] As we’ve grown as a team, the projects have become more and more challenging and we’ve came to this: each and every one of us can make things happen. So last year we decided ZiHack is a great opportunity to put the software in the social use and show that in 24 hours we could create apps or platforms that can help others: ZiHack v3.0 – the apps.  […]

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