ZiHack v5.0 is on!

With an eye on the protests and an eye on the code, this morning we took on a new challenge: 24hours of coding a.k.a. ZiHack v5.0, a hacking annual event that we started back in 2011 to become one of the most craved inhouse moments.

At the first edition, back when the Zitec team was not so numerous, four teams engaged in the hacking sessions and since then, each year, we had more and more teams coding on a marathon event to develop apps like the Zitec Secretary – an electronic secretary; a birthday planner; a cocktail mixing robot; a SEO and technical automated analyzer for websites; a donation platform for orphanages around the country or even an Android app for team contacts. Oh, and did I mention the awesome Zitec 3D tour developed in colaboration with our friends from the Institute of Space Science? You can find all of them searching for the ZiHack query.

This year, however, we have no less than 16 teams and 84 hackerz & lady hackerz!
We have more than 15 hours left of coding ahead, not to mention the fun moments that we’ve prepared for the rest of #ZiHack v5.0: henna tattoo, office massage, rare gases (safety first!), foosball, ping-pong, Xbox & Kinect, and a ZiBand live concert.

Here’s a short moment from last year’s concert, in case you fancy the idea of joining us tomorrow night for the awarding ceremony and the ZiHack party!

Poveste de HR – ZiBand live @ZiHackThis song is dedicated to every Human Resources team out there – share it with your #hr colleagues 🙂 cc BestJobs Romania #hiring #jobs

Posted by Zitec on Monday, November 24, 2014

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