Zihack#7 – apps & awards

For this year’s #ZiHack we took inspiration from da Vinci’s Vitruvian man and hacked it into the  Zitruvian Man & Lady, with the help of our friends at Supererou. The concept we chose for this 7th edition of our annual hackathon encompasses all the things that surround any #ZiHack, actually any Zitec member: some geekiness, a lot of tech, fun, even more passion – all in the right proportions.

So we began on Friday morning with steaming coffee from our friends at Cappuccino Story:

As you already know, we take pride in doing everything custom, that includes team activities and teambuildings as well, therefore #ZiHack 7 was also tailor-made to fit our team’s needs and wants so that we could concentrate on hacking and #makeitso.

This year we’ve worked with new technologies like Blockchain, played with robots using mobile technologies, used AI to further our in-house efforts for a more efficient workspace, focused on solving social problems that will help people around us and much more.

On top of the hacking session, we had fun moments filled with “laughing gas”, we showed off our cheeky smiles in the photo booth, we’ve relaxed with a massage session and enjoyed pizza time followed by a visit from the Red Bull team. I know this far into the article I should be making a joke but, after the Dad Jokes moments at #Zihack 7, I couldn’t come close to how funny our colleagues were.

By now I’m just stalling, I know you must be curious to see the projects and the winners. Without further ado, this year we’ve had 16 teams working on the following projects:

  • Social Decrypter – an app that uses Facebook API and Azure to analyze the positivity of your Facebook page posts
  • Game of Drones – use your smartphone’s accelerometer to control robots playing in an Arena

Game of Drones – screenshot 2

  • Super Mario One – uses Kinect to detect user gestures, mapping them to the keys used to play Mario, giving you the option to play through gestures
  • National Register for Cats – creating a national database for all microchipped cats so that owners can easily find their beloved felines
  • iUD –  an app that uses sensors to monitor and notify users to water and better care for their plants when the plant really needs it
  • SuperUdù – a Facebook Workplace bot the replaces emails sent to sysadmins by sorting the requests and adding Tickets in Redmine using custom algorithms
  • Zitec Assistant – Lets Zitec team members trigger searches by voice command with a custom trained hot word
  • Zitec HQ – an app that allows you and your colleagues to search for other team members, people working on a certain project, members belonging to a department or other custom queries and highlights them on a map
  • #ceidoilasuta – The project facilitates the process of redirecting the 2% from the income tax of a person from the state budget towards a worthy NGO. And it brought its team the CSR Award!

  • Skills – skills tracking app that helps you and others around you to find the right help & resources when you need it most and winner of Popularity Award!

  • Sound Touch Gloves – the SoundTouch gloves play sounds when fingers are tapped against any surface. They can be tweaked to be used as a standalone instrument for creating any type of music. The gloves can also be adapted for multiple purposes, such as teaching children and helping people with disabilities. And for that, but also for the team’s efforts, they get the Social Media & Best Pic Award!

  • Make it Sell – analyzes the online market and the potential for an online shop and delivers a set of insights on how you could grow your business. That’s how you win the Business Drive Award!
  • Dorel – a Chrome extension that helps us easily log time in Redmine and Zidox, internal apps. And for the presentation they put together, the team gets the Best Pitch Award!

CryptoZon – takes our internal currency, the ZON, and virtualizes it using blockchain technology to stock transactions and regulations, bring its team the New Tech Award!

We must admit that the Jury had a tough time debating on this year’s winner, but that only made the experience more intense.

Ladies and gents, the winner of #ZiHack 7 is:


Insider – an app that gathers personality insights based on your Facebook profile, using Symfony v3.3.10, PHP v7.1.10, Bootstrap v4, Facebook Graph SDK, Translation API (Google Cloud), Clarifai AI and Personality Insights (IBM Watson).

Insider extracts data (photos and posts) from user’s Facebook profile (using his given permission). Posts are then translated into English using the Translation API (Google Cloud) and tags are extracted from pictures using Clarifai AI. The data that has been gathered is fed to the Personality Insights service (IBM Watson) for personality predictions. Processed data is then neatly displayed on 3 sections: intermediary photo interpretation and posts translation, nested graphs and our crown jewel, personality insights chart, which is a gorgeous multi-level pie chart (sunburst).

What’s next for Insider

Giving users the option to submit any text for processing is a near future goal, and also integration with other social platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn) and mailing services.

Congrats to all those involved, not only for the work they’ve done in a one-nighter but also for their determination to make all projects work until sunrise and for their drive to once again #makethingshappen


Until next year’s #ZiHack, stay tuned to how these projects develop even further by following news on our blog, visit our Facebook page for photos during Zihack #7 and keep in mind what Leonardo da Vinci said: “Learning never exhausts the mind.”

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