Zitec 2016 in a nutshell [Infographic]

Looking back over the last 12 months, we’ve put all the numbers together and marked the most important facts about us, only to give you an idea about the wonderful journey that we’ve experienced as the Zitec team. We’re very proud to present to you this cool infographic. We’ll let the numbers tell you the story of the past year as you scroll down over our 2016 annual report!

1 ton of White Rabbit

The first version of the Zitec beer – made for members, clients and partners.

2 personal interviews with Alex & Simona Lăpușan

Alex talked about hobbies, while Simona talked about women and technology.

3 ZiBand concerts

First unplugged concert, first public concert & first charity concert.

5 CSR projects

741 people in companies in Bucharest already donated in our #cei1024 campaign

6 online marketing certified specialists

That’s a 100% certified team.

9 cups & awards in sports competitions

We’ve participated in more than 20 sports competitions, including a sailing Regatta (1st place), 2 first places in running competitions and 3 triathlons.

10 industry awards

The most important are: Software Outsourcing Project of the Year for Depanero BackOffice, Utility Award at Webstock for #cei1024 and 1st place for the Zitec team at DevHacks2016.

24 hours hacking marathon

Our annual ZiHack has come to the 6th edition.

41 certified members

We’re also very proud to rank 3rd in Europe for most Zend Certified Engineers.

79 liters of blood donated

Every year, we host 3 blood donation office sessions at the Zitec HQ and we encourage other companies to #makeitso.

111 Zitec members

We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team. Know someone who belongs with us? Leave us a message!

123 young engineers visited the Zitec HQ

That’s 5 small groups of very young students (4 to 14 years) who visited us for the Hour of Code and Saptamana Altfel events.

173 press appearances

187 devices recycled

We’re an environment-friendly team. That’s why we collect & recycle electronics such as PCs, UPSs, batteries and other IT&C devices.

221 kg of roasted coffee

This is the secret to recharging our batteries.

244 interviews held by the hr team

More than 2500 resumes made it to our HR team last year. We read them carefully and contact all of those who are up to take new challenges and come on board.

350 clients

New milestone: 350 clients since the beginnings of Zitec. Us and some of them go back a long and successful way with more than 2, 5, 7 and even 10 years partnerships.

495 Zitec themed T-shirts

1.000 happy birthday balloons for our CEO

We know how to celebrate!

1.138 km run by the Zitec Running Squad

Is that a lot or not really? We don’t know. But it’s the equivalent of the distance between Oslo and Amsterdam. On land, that is!

1.177 tweets

We’ve reached over 1.000 tweets this year. Want to see what we tweet? Follow us on Twitter.

1.648 support hours

Full support for our clients to start or setup a new collaboration.

6.838 cups of hot drinks

From the automated machines. Tea, coffee, cappuccino, what’s your favorite treat?

19.732 Facebook fans

Thank you for reaching out and following us on the Zitec Facebook page.

236.342.847 Google impressions for our campaigns

Our 6 online marketing members are all Google certified and have years of experience in creating online visibility and driving leads and sales for our clients’ projects and businesses. Care to join us?

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