Zitec at Internet & Mobile World 2012

Now that the Internet & Mobile expo-conference is over, it’s time for us to make a short review and share our thoughts.

First of all, we would like to thank you all for visiting our booth, for allowing us to take Zuperman pictures with you and for the great feedback you gave us – it was really a Zuper experience for us as we hope it was for you too.

Agenda overview

As networking was the key word for this event, we met some of the speakers and exchanged ideas about what the digital world means and how it will evolve in the next years, hoping to see each other at future events.

If you didn’t get the chance to participate to the seminars, you can have a look on these blogs: sandraclipea.ro , aurasmihai.ro, computerblog.ro, beradrian.wordpress.com. Also, check the twitter stream for #imworld2012 and our Facebook page

In addition to these, here’s a top 10 of the most interesting booths at the IMW, by Sandra Clipea – we came on 3rd place, thanks Sandra for the award!!!

Numbers and maths

  • 25,000 EUR vouchers giveaways for online marketing services
  • 5,000 EUR vouchers for affiliated marketing in tourism
  • 1.000 EUR award raffle
  • 205 Zitec T-Shirts
  • Over 200 visitors at our booth
  • About 50 meetings with people interested in our services
  • Over 200 Zuperman pictures

By the end of the third day everyone was actually saying “Zuper!” instead of “Hello!” when meeting us 🙂

There’s a Faceboook study case coming up on this, so stay tuned!

As Andra, the winner of our free invitation said to us – Thanks for the opportunity, IMW people!

The winner takes it all!

Now we know you’re eagerly waiting to find out who won the 1.000 EUR award, so take a deep breath and click to see if you’re the lucky one:

Thank you all for participating to the raffle and feel free to contact us in case you’re interested in the services we’re offering.

Booth undone, time-lapse video

There is no other way to end this article but with a huge thank you for meeting us, and a short time-lapse video with our the end of our booth.

See you next time!

Now tell us, how did you enjoy Internet & Mobile World?

by Costinela Nistor

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