Zitec awarded as Best System Integrator

It’s been more than 5 years since we first implemented Microsoft Azure on one of our projects, also marking the beginning of an important partnership with Microsoft.

Today we look back proudly on our cloud migration challenges, on what it took to give our clients a better understanding of the cloud migration benefits and on the events and workshops we organized with our partners at Microsoft.

This autumn’s Microsoft Club edition brought us yet another reason to celebrate our work together as Zitec was featured as a case study in Maciej Dabrowski’s presentation “The Azure Opportunity”. Maciej is Area OSS Lead, CEE and praised the Zitec team for the vision we showed 5 years ago in using Microsoft Azure for our open source projects. Moreover, Zitec was also awarded “Best System Integrator 2017”! It’s a well-known fact and we’re proud of it: we are in the cloud!

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