Zitec Coat of arms explained

This year was our 10th anniversary as a team and, as I’ve mentioned it before, we went for a custom anniversary T-shirt illustrating the brand new Zitec Coat of arms! Who designed it for us and what do the symbols stand up for, you’ll find out by reading the following.

Zitec Coat of arms by the HAC! team

We were planning this for some time now and the word got to the Harap Alb continuă team who was pretty enthusiastic about the idea. In no time, Andrei Moldovan, the comics sketcher came up with the proposal that was about to become the Zitec coat of arms! It went straight on the anniversary T-shirts and, if you ask us, this might be one of the coolest ever 🙂

Zitec Coat of arms – symbols and meaning

What we wanted was to illustrate this first decade of Zitec, featuring the most relevant aspects of our work. Have a closer look below:


Now, for those of you who find it difficult to follow the symbols, here’s a short description: the Zitec shield, placed in the center of the design is held by two shield supporters – the unmistakable PHP elephants who have been guarding this team since forever. The shield is also charged with some symbols that tell our story: we’re an enthusiastic team based in Romania, we’re damn good at mastering the cloud and we’re among the Microsoft partners, with clients all over the world! And I’ll leave you discover the other symbols.

To wrap this up, once again – thank you all for your anniversary wishes and many thanks to the HAC! team for designing this for our team!

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