Zitec Hack Day&Night 2011

What is Zitec Hack?

We’ve been thinking about making this happen for quite some time. We were looking for an event that would allow the Zitec team to spend some time together outside the work hours, in order to come up with new and fresh ideas and implement them, to discover and use new technologies, while having some real fun. If only we had known it would turn out to be so much fun, believe me, we would have made it last for 3 days and 3 nights! At least!

As for ZiHack itself…

It’s been a long day and night, here at Zitec’s HQ. We’ve hacked for hours now and had lots of fun in between. We kicked off this internal event with a morning coffee brought by Starbucks Team, followed by a short speech from Alex with “Do’s and Don’ts” and this was the right start for Hack Session 1. Lunch break was the perfect opportunity to exchange some first impressions.

Right after the first code commits, when bugs were starting to come through, Alex Gavan dropped by with a very inspirational and motivational speech – Alex, if you plan an expedition to Himalaya next year, let us know, we might consider climbing some mountains, too. At least inside 🙂

Hack Session 2: Red Bull girls and Fratele Nord involved

Back to hacking, ready to make things happen. While “Mancaciosii” team were struggling to make their Food Assistant application remember the orders, “Gamesters” were looking for interesting EU statistics. “The Horde” were silently hacking, almost like trying to intimidate the other teams, but neither “Nord Blanc”, nor the “Gamsters” or “Mancaciosii” fell for that. When the atmosphere got too heavy, guess who came to cheer up the spirits and put some wings on? Yup, you’ve got it: a revigorating massage for every team-member and later the Red-Bull girls paid us a visit.

With our backs stretched and our spirits enlightened, we were now ready to step into the dark, looking for the North Star of ZiHack. Speaking of North, Fratele Nord set ZiHack on fire around midnight. A hacker needs to have lots of fun to survive, you all know it!

Commits here, commits there, Helium balloons everywhere!

After more then 12 hours, we were alive and hacking! And there were still 12 hours to go. Go teams, go! Uhm, guys, we said “go!”. Commits here, commits there, a bug here, an error… everywhere and the teams seemed to have found their ways out through the valley of the unfinished apps. Designers were adding the final touches, marketers sharing inside info for the night followers but hey, what’s that in the air? Is that a balloon? Is it floating? Is that Helium??? And yup, Helium it was – easy to tell by the funny voices everyone had. And there were laughs and even happy tears and then some more laughs at 5 AM in the morning. It looked like nobody was sleepy anymore. No wonder – time was ticking and someone had to deliver the apps that would change the world, right?

Getting ready for the final release

Well, let’s have a short review: it was 9 AM in the morning, we had 4 teams and 4 hacked-up apps. It all looked great, but functionality isn’t everything. The jury is hard to be impressed and had their eyes on hackers. Time to show some presentation skills and sell the idea, making people believe in it. And it ain’t over til it’s over!

And the winner iiiiis….

To cut the story short, after more then 18 hours of hacking, nutrients sessions and fun moments, it’s time to say congrats to all of you…. drums… and… the winner…. drums…. iiiiiiis…. Sing-a-Pic! Here are all the apps, including the big winner.

Thank you all for hacking for good. And thank you to all of you out there following us and encouraging our teams. May the force be with you and… good night to us.


Some photos from Zitec Hack Day&Night 2011

by Oana Dumitrescu

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Silviu Udrea

very nice initiative to keep being number one 🙂

you sure are lucky to work for such a great company