The Zitec HQ

It’s been two years since we’ve moved our headquarters downtown and as the times passes by, it looks like we’ve made a great choice.

We’ve always believed that a place where we could express our creativity and where we would feel relaxed would increase our productivity and focus. And it didn’t take us too long to test this hypothesis and now conclude it’s 100% true: after 2 years since we moved in the Phoenix Tower, we get more customers each day, we grew our team to over 100 amazing people and we’re still hiring!

Obviously, this called for more office space, so we had to expand into a second floor, that would be at least as creative and fun as the first one. Challenge accepted! Here’s how our offices look now!

First Rule is < Work With Style! >

We looked for a solution that would include open space offices, but no corporate-style cubicles and definitely not factory-style aligned desks, comfortable chairs and generous desks (a must have); some cool relaxing and fun zones and – of course – a theme that represents us.
Sounds pretty simple, eh? Well, when you have over 1,700 sqm to fit-out for a team of over 100 members… and a fixed budget, it’s quite a challenge.

Welcome, Welcome Aboard!

Can you spot this one? Hint: it’s for your ineer math geek. Can you see it? 🙂


Ok, I know it’s a tough one so I’ll tell you: the design is inspired by the Fibonacci number, cause yeah, math is fun!

We kept our generous work spaces with department branded corners

There is plenty of room to move around and each team member or department got to choose their own space, based on how silent they wanted to be or on their preferred view.
The work spaces are separated in sub-zones, so if some are more fond of a quiet work space, they don’t have anything to worry about.


Drupal corner

The Skills Walls Upgraded

Yes, these walls not only know how to listen, these ones also talk about what we know, who we are and what we enjoy working on

Skills wall

Geek & Tech vs Adventure & Exploration

For this new floor we used the same Star Trek & space graphical theme that we love so much, but we really had to add something new and different. And we’re proud of the result: an adventure and sailing theme with a bit of a pirate touch, just enough to make sure we can properly celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day from now on (aye, you’re all invited!).


Outer Space or Port Royal?

Destination room

Port Royal

What would be your choice for a meeting at our HQ? These are our main meeting rooms – one inspired by space images (credits go to NASA), while the other features an impressive wood table and a Harap Alb continua fantasy world-map (one of the startups Zitec is actively supporting is a comic books publishing house. I know, I know, how cool can we get?). That way we can always remember there’s an entire world waiting for us to explore it!

We like to keep our meetings short and efficient, but a larger team calls for more meeting space, so we also added two smaller, boat cabin rooms, for short meetings, private calls or even recruitment interviews. Along with “Port Royal” mentioned above and the already existent “Celebrity Name” and “Popular Destination” meetings room. We’ve decided the best is to let everyone choose the character or the destination of their desire instead of naming them certain famous names. Think of it as a sort of “Lorem ipsum”…

Meeting room

Management & Middle Management Offices

Main Bridge

Some of you might already be familiar with these ones but we’ll take the advantage of saying once again: it’s all about what you enjoy!
If you wonder what’s the incredibly beautiful space pic all about, have no fear, Wiki is here to help out: it’s a picture of the “Heart and Soul” nebula.


The mountaineering theme is inspired by the mountain climber, the photographer, the inspirational speaker and, most of all, our beloved friend, Alex Gavan.

HR & Business Development Offices

HR & Business Development offices

The Human Resources has a new, more colourful office, where they’re always looking for new colleagues or new ways to fight… erm, for our rights. If you want to join us, they’re the one to contact 🙂

Our new “Business Development” department also has a colorful home so we’re more than ready to sign up more happy customers and new partners from around the globe!

Hardware Department

Hardware department

Speaking of a new department, have you met the “Hardware Solutions” department? 🙂
They’re in charge of studying new technologies and ideas that will (soon) become projects you’ll no doubt hear about. Building smart homes, automating all sorts of things and maybe even wearables – this is a dangerous line of work, so it called for proper signaling!
Stay tuned, we’ll share cool news about this team soon, you really don’t wanna miss it!

The Spice Must Flow!


That’s the secret, so if you need to recharge your batteries, there’s plenty of room and options in the Recharge room or in the Tavern: coffee, milk, tea and fresh fruits on the house every day!
We also felt the need to add some green to the office, so now we have our very private deck-terrace.

Deck Terrace

We Like To Keep It Clean

Toilletes and Shower Artworks

Yes, that’s the code we’re talking about, but you can also take a sneak peak into our showers. Since lots of our colleagues are biking to work, or get very serious about their ping-pong matches, we added 3 shower cabins. Fun shower cabins!

No Work Without Some Fun. Some Serious Fun!

1. The Grand Ballroom is one of a kind and it matches the colourful pipes on the new floor

Now, the real question is, how many balls are in the ballroom?

The Grand Ballroom

2. Pac Man vs Submarine

Pac Man vs Submarine

Looking for a small room to rest, read or have a quick ad-hoc meeting? Pick your favourite and relax for 15 minutes in the Submarine, gazing at the underwater inspired ceiling or have a go in the Pac Man room. Yes, for Daily Standup meetings too.

3. Fun rooms


Great open space to relax your mind gazing at the sky through the glass walls & ceiling from the hammock or from the sofa. Or maybe you prefer a couple of minutes in the swinging chair?

Fun Rooms

This one’s more for the noisy and competitive activities. Oh, and since we’re talking about competing, we challenge you to try your luck on this ultimate awesome Star Trek pinball machine we’ve just acquired: put your highscore in the Hall of Fame and you get a free Z T-shirt, at your choice!

Come Aboard!


If you’ve enjoyed these pics and you want to see our HQ (hell, it looks&sounds much better in real life!), please feel free to drop by! We’ll make sure you get a full tour (we would love to show you around!) and have some fun while you’re here.
Oh, and by the way, in case we haven’t mentioned it before, we’re looking for new members to join our team! Check our careers page and spread the word for us 🙂

In the meantime, we’ll be exploring more ways to take on new challenging projects and have fun while at it! Make it so.ftware!


Zitec HQ – The Movie


Zitec HQ – Photo Gallery

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