Zitec. Rebranded.

Zitec old logo
Zitec old logo

There’s a time in every company’s life when rebranding is inevitable. Most of the times you want to target a different market, or simply to highlight a new focus of your business or a change in your products. Sometimes, an “it just looks old” is simply enough. There are no certain indicators for this, but when the moment comes, you will know. However, changing a company’s objective, message and even culture is not an easy task – many have tried and most fail. We gladly accepted the challenge: we decided to make this happen with our own resources.

Why now?

The Zitec logo was created in 2003. It’s old. Period. It doesn’t meet the current needs anymore. It’s not web 2.0 enough. It’s not up to today’s graphical standards. It can’t deliver our corporate message anymore.

The goal

The new brand image should reinforce the excellence of our products and services. We are the best company out there that creates web apps. The new brand image should be new and fresh, distinctive and original, timeless and memorable. It should inspire trust, quality and admiration. Our goal was to create a new, powerful logo that accurately communicates our mission.

Sketches and colors

A good logo redesign takes time and coffee. Our entire creative team brainstormed hours, days even. They started from scratch with an empty sheet of paper and lots of ideas. We definitely needed to change the old company colors. The Pantone 2945 CVC blue and Pantone 021 CVC Orange simply didn’t reflect anymore our growing business and quality of our service. Colors have a language of their own so it’s worthwhile to define the colors that send the right message to our customers. After extensive research, with our target market in mind we came to the conclusions that the best color scheme should contain a new and very powerful shade of orange, called Tangerine (color of the year) and the same blue!

The new logo needed to be abstract and specific in the same time, classy and modern. We had to design our own unique font to accomplish our purposes. Any commercial font, no matter how original and expensive might be, would simply not do. We had to hand-craft the font very carefully to efficiently communicate our future-proof services and solutions.

Some early explorations and sketches:



The creation of our new logo took several long days and sleepless nights but the results are more than satisfactory. Feel free to share your thoughts  in the comments below, all feedback is appreciated although we clearly expect only positive feedback. Let’s not be modest here, the new logo is simply awesome.

And here it is the final logo:

by Alex Axon

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Robert Neagu

Subtle changes… I like the new direction… Well done! 🙂

alexandru rada

De la ce vine “zitec”?

Alexandru Lapusan

You bring us zimoney, we’ll bring you zitec 🙂


frumos spus! 🙂 doar ca apoi voi aduceti back zimoney, chiar mai multi 🙂


ahahahhahahahahaah. good one. great job ziteam …the new zilogo is zuper, so much better than zi old one 🙂

Claudiu Constantinescu

Awesome result!
Should be careful not to have your customers mistake you for another company now 😛


Chiar arata bine noul logo. Mult mai modern. Desi albastrul vechiului logo este mai frumos 😛

Carl Parrish