Zitec supports creatives in becoming more resilient through the CIRCLE project

Zitec supports creatives in becoming more resilient through the CIRCLE project

Part of the goal of Zitec’s Innovation Grants Consulting service is to bring new and improved digital products and technology to the market. We enable our clients to access grants for their projects and gain access to innovative technologies.

The unprecedented disruptions caused by the pandemic have highlighted the fact that the global business model is deficient in its capacity to innovate and remain resilient in trying times. This in turn has emphasized the need to acknowledge arts and creativity as part of the social fabric, rather than an independent “creative economy”.

The global economy and the overall development of our society rest on three major pillars, each as important as the other: science, business and technology, arts, culture and creativity. As the world is crossing one of its greatest challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clearer than ever that creativity and wellbeing are crucial for societal resilience. The European Union is addressing this situation with a series of projects that are part of their community wide programs.

Crossector Impact through Creativity, WeLlbeing and Entrepreneurship, or CIRCLE, is one of the most compelling projects included in the Erasmus + Program developed by the EU. 

The CIRCLE’s aim is to present an innovative approach that will foster resilience for creatives and non-creatives by developing new digital, creative and sustainability skills and enabling cross-fertilization.

The project unites Zitec and three other organizations with expertise in entrepreneurship, creativity and digitalization: Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Madrid and materhub. The four organizations have partnered to support 60 participants in making better decisions about their businesses and ideas and improving their capacity to deliver creative services in disruptive contexts using developed tools. The participants are divided into 30 creatives and 30 non creatives, with 25 participants belonging to disadvantaged groups (migrants, Roma, etc.). 

As a believer that technology should be an enabler, Zitec supports the CIRCLE with an interactive tool composed of a handbook, webinar presentations, case studies and success stories, learning paths etc. All the materials were created in English, with relevant components to be translated into Romanian, Spanish and Italian.

For more information about our Innovation Grants initiatives, or if you have any questions, drop us an email. Our consultants will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have. 

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