The Zitec T-shirts

Ladies and gents, today we want to give you a full overview of the Zitec T-shirts and the story behind each design. If you have a favourite, look for it below and pay us a visit – maybe we can still find a spare one 🙂

Make it Software!

The very first Zitec T-shirt, featuring our motto – Make it Software. The graphic design is based on electronic circuits and hardware elements that help us do what we do best: software!



Zitec Hack Day & Night

Let’s stick to firsts a bit more, ’cause this is the first ZiHack T-shirt, for the 2011 event. The design is based on the same idea, as we wanted to really make it clear: we use hardware to make it software! Even when we’re talking about a 24 hours programming event.



Love Our Zmen

The guys in our team are always very careful when it comes to celebrating the girls so a couple of years ago we wanted to show our appreciation with a surprise T-shirt.




Coat of Arms

How else were we supposed to celebrate 10 years of Zitec if not with a Coat of Arms T-shirt!?
Many many thanks to the Harap Alb continua team for their support!



Hacker Inside

ZiHack v2.0 inspired us a bit more and the artwork looked like in the pic below, with a grunge USB based theme, featuring the Z in the middle. Beware, hacker inside!



It’s All About Quality Assurance

As you may have read it before here on our blog or on our Facebook page, we’re very proud of our Q&A team and we’re always looking for new members to join us. As you can see, they’re a really cool team, with their own T-shirt, featuring the team’s motto: It’s not about luck, it’s about quality assurance!




This is probably the most famous Zitec T-shirt. It was designed for our teambuilding in 2012 and ever since it’s been like the “official” Zitec T-shirt and everybody wants one 🙂



The Code Must Flow

Yes, it must! As some of you may have figured it out, this was inspired by Dune – “The spice must flow”. We gave it a twist and adapted it to a new shape, just like in the pic below.



Zitec Internship

A couple of years ago we started our first internship experience and as the years passed by, we found it to be a great way to train and gain valuable members to our team. We wanted them to feel appreciated and welcome, so we designed an exclusive T-shirt, dedicated only to the interns who finish the internship and join the Zitec team.



Zitec Running Squad

I don’t know how others do it, but here at Zitec, we’re all about passions and hobbies. This is why we’re proud to have a Zitec Running Squad who inspired these unique technical T-shirts for their marathons experiences.



Hacker – I Make Things Happen

As we’ve grown as a team, the projects have become more and more challenging and we’ve came to this: each and every one of us can make things happen. So last year we decided ZiHack is a great opportunity to put the software in the social use and show that in 24 hours we could create apps or platforms that can help others: ZiHack v3.0 – the apps.



Which one is your favorite?

Well, these are the Zitec T-shirts so far and as you read this, the design team is probably working on a new artwork for this year’s ZiHack. In the meantime, we’d love to hear which is your favourite, so leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.

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Hacker – I Make Things Happen

Am acest tricou si mi se pare cel mai tare 😀

Kate Lindsey

The “Code Must Flow” t-shirt is my favorite! I adore anything that lets me geek out about two of my great loves at the same time. All these shirts are pretty dang spiffy!


Z-Man !