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Helping companies revolutionize their financial services through fast scaling software teams, secure and compliant custom solutions, and in-depth financial software development know-how.

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FinTech services

Connect users, merchants and financial institutions through safe, professional and convenient services.

1Digital Banking

Build a strong digital foundation for the next decade. Zitec can help you transform and automate your traditional processes, upgrade your systems, and develop end-to-end digital banking solutions.

Custom Online Banking Platforms
Online Banking Mobile Apps
Online Banking Security
Online Banking UI/UX Design
Online Banking System Integration

2Digital Wallet & Payments

Accelerate the entire payment process and ensure timely delivery. Facilitate payments across all digital channels and retain ownership of the customer experience by creating a rich ecosystem of payment processing technologies.

• Payment gateway development
• Online payment systems
• Digital wallet development
• Mobile payments
• P2P Payments

3Security and Risk Management

Manage risk and accelerate business innovation and security, at the same pace. Our team of cybersecurity experts can help you implement the necessary tools to future-proof your business against unwanted attacks or data breaches.

• Application Security Audit
• Application Performance Audit
• Penetration Testing
• Data protection Services
• Compliance Services

4Big Data & AI

Implement a data-driven approach and get business insights to lead your enterprise. Turn insights into action with Machine Learning algorithms. Zitec can help you create a viable lineup of AI and financial services and incorporate them into your operations.

• Predictive Analytics
• Natural Language Processing
• Financial Data Management
• Data Mining
• Fraud Detection

5Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We automate processes within the client’s organization and provide automated communication tools for their users. Enhance the productivity of employees, drive down costs, and streamline compliance. Zitec is a trusted UiPath Partner.

• Automated Mailers
• Data-entry and Reporting
• Loan processing and handling
• Claim processing and tracking
• Running Background Checks

6Blockchain Solutions

Harness the power of blockchain through market-ready solutions in FinTech, across areas as Trade Finance, Digital Assets Management, Payments, or build decentralized solutions for non-financial industries, from data ownership management to supply chain.

Blockchain Development
Smart Contract Development
Decentralised Finance Solutions
Cryptocurrency / Token Design
DAO Development

FinTech solutions that drive successful digital transformation

Financial products your customers want

Use intelligent platforms to replace generic products with a personalized and timely offering. Integrate multiple digital channels and reinvent your customer experience with automation and advanced analytics.

Ecosystem of financial products

Grow your ecosystem of financial software solutions to meet a wider scope of your customers’ financial and lifestyle needs. Create tools that will respond to the growing autonomy of customers and their expectation to have their needs met 24/7.

Core infrastructure transformation

Digitize and automate both internal and external processes to cut costs. Find patterns in the behavior of your customers using ML algorithms. Deliver faster and more efficient customer support with chatbots and automation.

Zitec supports FinTech companies around the world:

We’ve built dedicated teams for FinTech startups, enterprise companies, and even startup accelerators.

Cutting-edge FinTech software

Our skilled experts provide full-cycle custom financial software development to fit your business domain and budget requirements while leveraging leading-edge technologies.

Global mindset

18 years on the market, 200+ Zitec specialists, 650+ projects delivered in 20 countries.

Business-centric approach

We build custom software tailored to your business needs. A multifunctional team, always ready to take action.

Focus on innovation

Solutions that leverage latest technologies: machine learning, IoT, blockchain.

Let’s Talk Solutions

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  • …and much more

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