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Zitec increased its team by over 65% during the pandemic, switching permanently to a hybrid working mode

Zitec announces the growth of the team by over 65% during the pandemic, from 160 specialists in March 2020 to 265 at present. At the same time, the company has switched definitively to a hybrid work mode, allowing their team members to decide if they will work from the office or remotely.

Top 10 most appreciated employers in Romania

UiPath, Zitec, Softbinator Technologies, JYSK Romania and Nobel Romania are the most appreciated companies in Romania by their employees, according to “Top Angajatori 2021”, ranking made by the platform. This is the only top in Romania made according to employees’ opinions and not according to the public image of companies.

Zitec launches the Online Payments Module in the Regista app for the payment of local taxes

Zitec continues to promote the public sector’s digitalization through the Regista application by launching the Online Payments module. This module automatically calculates local taxes and allows city halls to collect them directly from Regista‘s e-Governance portal, while citizens will be able to pay any tax or fine online and without any bank charges.

Zitec helped retailer iELM double its sales in 2020

Zitec, leader on the IT & digital marketing market in Romania and the provider of complete digital marketing services of the children’s clothing brand iELM, announces that following the implementation of the international online promotion strategy, the retailer reported doubling sales in 2020 compared to 2019. For the current year, iELM aims to increase sales by 80% and expand into three new markets: Lithuania, Latvia, and Slovenia, reaching a presence in 17 countries with Zitec as a full-service partner.

Zitec recorded business of 7.4 million euro in the first half, up 60% compared to the first half of 2020

Zitec, leader in the IT & digital marketing market in Romania, specialized in the development of digital transformation solutions and services, registered a turnover of 7.4 million euros in the first half of 2021, increasing by approx. 60% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Zitec becomes one of the only 20 partners worldwide that have earned the ‘Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure’ advanced specialization

Zitec, leader in the IT & digital marketing market in Romania, earned the ‘Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure’ advanced specialization, placing it among the top 20 global companies and the first Romanian business with this specialization under its belt.

Zitec launches NFTăria – the NFTs’ factory

Zitec launches NFTăria – the NFT factory that supports companies or individuals to create and monetize their own NFTs. The popularity of NFTs has exploded since the end of last year, and the experience of over 5 years in projects developed on blockchain technology, gained with the takeover of Under Development Office has encouraged us to create NFTaria.

Zitec becomes tech partner of Startarium, the community for entrepreneurs founded by Impact Hub and ING Bank

Zitec announces the partnership with Startarium, in the context of expanding the platform’s digital infrastructure and product portfolio. The diversity of services offered by the Zitec team allowed the company to get involved in scaling the product’s architecture, developing new features for content management, and creating a new design to improve the user experience on the platform.