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Romanian software company Zitec’s turnover up 60% in 2013

Romanian software company Zitec recorded a turnover of EUR 2.3 million in 2013, up 60 percent year-on-year, according to the company. Half of the company’s revenues came from projects delivered abroad

Tech Donations Transforming NGOs and NPOs

Donations. Businesses are pressured to do the right thing via donations, especially at year-end. Giving feels good. It could feel even better all year long if your company expands its generosity to support NPOs and NGOs around the world. How?

IT and Creativity – the Headquarters Design of an Online Developer

Most people associate the IT industry with strict rules and rationality. This type of business does imply these two concepts, but you can also find there very creative, enthusiastic people, who dream to innovate in each aspect of their lives, including the design of their business headquarters.

Comics magazine Harap Alb – 30% shares sold to Zitec

Harap Alb, the comics magazine, changed its shareholders, selling a 30% participation to Zitec, Romanian producer of online apps. The rest of 70% shares are owned by Roxana and Mihai Ionascu, the ones that launched the magazine in October and handled the first 3 editions.

Romanian entrepreneurial culture in the eyes of online pundits

Entrepreneurship in Romania has to overcome obstacles that Western countries are not familiar with, after communism crippled private initiative and entrepreneurs are only just learning lessons that in other countries have long been taught. But a free spirit and a daring mind can prove to be more successful than established patterns in the West, think the experts asked by BR.

IT Consultancy Saves up to 90 Percent on Relational Database Costs with Cloud Services

Zitec develops custom software and is known for its expertise with PHP development. The company developed a social-networking application for hotel reviews, but wanted to add hotel-price trends as a differentiating feature among competing products.

Romanian company Zitec invests in American startup Zipongo

Now that’s something quite out of the ordinary. Romanian company Zitec has recently announced it’s investment in the American startup Zipongo. Zitec will be holding a minority stake and is in this together with investors Founder Collective, co-founders of Flickr, Dr. Neal Baer, producer of the TV Show ER and Peter Dolan, ex CEO of farmaceutical giant Brystol Myers Squibb.

Real World SQL Azure: Interview with Alexandru Lapusan, CEO at Zitec

Real World SQL Azure: Interview with Alexandru Lapusan, Chief Executive Officer at Zitec