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The new website, developed pro bono by Zitec

Zitec, the leader on the Romanian IT market, specialized in developing customized technological solutions, services and products, has developed pro bono the new website, for an increased accessibility, new functionalities and a higher security.

Credit Europe Bank re-launches its website, opens a new chapter on digitization with Zitec

Credit Europe Bank relaunched at the beginning of this month the bank’s website developed by Zitec, leader on the IT market in Romania. In addition to the user-friendly design and easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, the new portal, which the bank’s clients can access to the already-known address,, has a number of visible enhancements that help thousands of customers who access the platform on any type of device daily: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Zitec’s revenues up by 22 percent in 2018 to EUR 6 million

Zitec, the company specializing in the development of personalized technology solutions, services and products, ended 2018 with revenues of EUR 6 million, up 22 percent over the previous year. For the year 2019, the company plans to develop recent partnerships in the RPA and IoT area, increasing business activity in UK and US markets, and launching, the new Zitec product, in the first half of the year.

Zitec: Regista has handled over 3 million documents and is used by institutions in 36 counties

Zitec, a leader in the IT market in Romania, specializes in developing personal solutions, services and products, announces that the Regista application has reached over three million processed documents over the three fiscal years. According to the company, the document management solution attracted over 40 new customers and expanded to eight new counties during the past year. Currently, the application developed by Zitec is used by more than 3500 users from 1

Romanian software company Zitec relocates to new unconventional HQ inspired by science fiction

How is to work as if you were starring in Star Trek or Dune? The employees of a Romanian IT company do know that feeling, as they are accommodated to the new sci-fi, hi-tech HQ.

Zitec’s digital marketing division registered an increase of over 40 per cent last year

Zitec, a major provider of business solutions, digital services and personalized technology products in Romania, announced it registered an increase of over 40 per cent in the digital marketing segment in 2017, completing the portfolio with 17 new clients.

Zitec’s revenue up 28 pct in 2017, reaching EUR 5 mln

Zitec, a major provider of business solutions, digital services and personalised tech products in Romania, closed 2017 with revenues of EUR 5 million, a 28 percent growth from 2016 results. The company aims to maintain the same growth pace for 2018.

Zitec and Google open the first Digital Workshop in Moldova

Zitec, provider of customized solutions, services and customized products in Romania announced the launch of the first digital hub developed in Moldova region, Eastern Romania, following a partnership with Google.