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Transforming supply chains to create business advantage

Digitising a supply chain increases resilience, responsiveness, and competitiveness. With the right tools, impactful transformation can be achieved in a few weeks. Sameday is the fastest growing Romanian courier company, using technology to create delivery solutions that drive growth for its customers and partners. The Romanian company offers an extensive range of services: home delivery, the same day delivery and delivery to over 3,200 easybox lockers nationwide. The company opted for Azure due to Microsoft’s strong presence in Romania and Sameday’s pre-existing reliance on compatible languages and Microsoft tools. Partnering with Sameday was Zitec, a major Microsoft partner in Romania as well as a Naspers company. Zitec helped Sameday manage the new infrastructure to implement Azure in essential services.

Survey: The Romanians spend at least one hour per day on social media

The largest part of the Romanians (93%) spend at least one hour per day on social media and almost a quarter (21%) spend more than four hours, show the results of a study made by Zitec and Ipsos. Facebook is still the most used platform of social media (86%), followed by Instagram (69%) and Tiktok (61%), the last having the highest increase in the Romanians’ preferences, as compared to last year (+20%).

Zitec’s eCommerce division recorded 2.4 times higher revenue in 2022 compared to 2021

The eCommerce division of Zitec, leader in the IT & digital marketing market in Romania, ended 2022 with a 2.4x revenue increase compared to the previous year. From the total revenues recorded at the level of the entire company, the share of the eCommerce division increased from 5.3% in 2021 to around 9% in 2022.

Zitec, Leading Tech Company, Reports Strong Business Growth Of Over €25 Million In 2022, Up 42% From The Previous Year

Zitec, a European tech company headquartered in Romania, recorded a turnover of €25.2 million in 2022, an increase of 42% compared to the previous year. With a customer retention rate of 82% and an employee loyalty rate of 85%, the company concentrated on balancing the expansion of the client portfolio with a solid investment in proprietary products, team culture, and training.

Zitec’s CIS division reported turnover of 1.85 million euros in 2022

The Continuous Improvement Services (CIS) division of Zitec, leader in the IT & digital marketing market in Romania, registered a turnover of 1.85 million euros in 2022, five times higher than that obtained in 2020, the year of its launch. The CIS team addresses maintenance, continuous improvement of websites and web applications, security, and web design.

How to Grow a Powerful Organizational Culture in IT, With Alex Lăpușan, Zitec CEO and Co-Founder

As a tech leader, are you dealing with the challenge of building a transparent, healthy, and thriving organizational culture? Today, we’ll explore best practices in building a powerful organization culture in IT together with Alex Lăpușan, co-founder and CEO of Zitec, a leader in the IT and digital marketing industry in Romania, specialized in developing solutions and services for digital transformation.

Zitec recorded revenues of over 25 million euros in 2022, up 42% compared to the previous year

Zitec, leader in the IT and digital marketing market in Romania, specialized in the development of digital transformation solutions and services, recorded a turnover of 25.2 million euros in 2022, which represents a 42% increase compared to the previous year. Over the past three years, the company has reported an average annual growth rate of 54%.

Zitec Acknowledged as European Leading Cybersecurity Provider through CREST and NIS Auditor Accreditations

Zitec, European IT company headquartered in Romania and with an international office in London has received CREST and NIS Security Auditor accreditations. Such acknowledged rigorous testing standards provide the assurance businesses need in evaluating and choosing a cybersecurity consultancy partner.