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Zitec’s revenue up 28 pct in 2017, reaching EUR 5 mln

Zitec, a major provider of business solutions, digital services and personalised tech products in Romania, closed 2017 with revenues of EUR 5 million, a 28 percent growth from 2016 results. The company aims to maintain the same growth pace for 2018.

Zitec and Google open the first Digital Workshop in Moldova

Zitec, provider of customized solutions, services and customized products in Romania announced the launch of the first digital hub developed in Moldova region, Eastern Romania, following a partnership with Google.

Zitec’s revenues up by 30 pct in H1, aims to reach over EUR 5 mln by year-end

Zitec’s revenues up by 30 pct in H1, aims to reach over EUR 5 mln by year-end

Zitec opens Brasov office, to hire 20 staff in 2017

Zitec, one of the main Romanian producers of online applications, with EUR 4 million turnover in 2017, opened its first office in Brasov and is planning to open by the end of the year 20 staff, including beginners.

Managing Creative Teams: Lessons from Alexandru Lapusan, CEO Zitec

Are you managing a team of creative people? Is this difficult for you? We discussed the art of managing a creative team with Alexandru Lapusan, the founder of Zitec, a primary local developer of online apps that only recently managed to attract EUR 1.7 million from eMAG to boost its development.

Zitec attracts EUR 1.7 million from eMAG to boost development

Zitec, one of the main local developers of online apps, attracted an investment of over EUR 1.7 million from eMAG, which will accelerate its expansion on the market. The company is planning to increase its team, open offices outside of Bucharest, and the creation of a department specialized in attracting EU funds and grants, as well as kickstart activities aimed at growing the European and US client portfolio.

Zitec develops innovative project for the European Space Agency

The company creates, in partnership with the Institute of Space Sciences (ISS), a laboratory prototype. After the validation and testing of the technology in the laboratory, Zitec is planning for the future to extend the production of devices intended for outer space

Zitec: Regista solution used by 128 cityhalls in Romania

Online applications local producer Zitec estimates that, so far, their Regista solution, a complete application providing online document management is used by 128 city halls in 28 counties in Romania.

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